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Hearing a lot of noise about this stock recently. Anyone else heard what’s behind the rumours? Gonna pick up a few shares and see what happens

I don’t see it as a long long term hold. Look at the website, its a dodgy Chinese knockoff site. It was at about 30 and it went all the way to single figures so its a recovery play. I’m holding for the next couple of weeks but it won’t go on forever.

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I personally think the share value will increase and by some margin too. The company is worth a fortune so buying cheap shares at this price can only be a good thing.

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Hmmm. Still waiting for them to take off.

I don’t understand the attraction of this company. The quality of the products on offer looks terrible.

Edit: Oh I see, people are expecting it to get bought by Baba or Amazon. Makes a bit more sense now.

It’s more along the lines of a small marketcap compared to revenue and a reasonable short interest, I don’t think Amazon need any more crappy chinese products.

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This is tanking big time :flushed:

If it stays below 8 after open I might jump in.

Down 60% on this overrall, not a great buy.

Think we’ll see a dead cat bounce today where I plan to sell everything, getting back in around 4-5.

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I see a cloud :cloud: then bottom sealing price stayed quite low for awhile :thinking:

Thoughts on this. Is anyone investing?

Whats going on

Down again… looks a trend for all stocks these past few weeks / months… how low can this one go though! Im down 11%, glad i only bought a few

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Wow 11% bargain mine is 70% or more but it’s only been £300 invested but still :roll_eyes: bought the dip at $1.48 cause it was cheap :man_facepalming:

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