"Continue" button when trying to top up is not working

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? ie:

I go to top up my ISA (im still within the limit)
Select my bank (First Direct)
Type in the amount
Then press continue

Previously at this point it would open my banking app in First Direct and I would confirm the transaction.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?


Seems fine for me and I’m with First Direct

I’ve noticed a lag sometimes from when I press continue. Maybe give it upto 10 seconds?

Its odd because it seems to be allowing me to top up my general account, but not my ISA (im well within my 20k limit).

There’s a small lag when attempting to top up my ISA but it redirects to my banking app after about 10seconds.

The open banking payment method was down for a brief period on Friday morning so I wonder if what you’re experiencing is related

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