Coronavirus and Stock Markets - Thoughts?

True. But the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a charitable organisation, not a big pharma looking for profit.

A lot of optimism today, but I’d like to see this week’s unemployment numbers before investing again.


I can’t believe we got a 5% bounce today :smile: stuck a very small amount into my housing stocks and a couple of shares of Disney as I feel even at this price point it’s a steal!!

I’m really hoping for a reversal downwards heading into earnings next week. Where’s my bargains??? :joy::joy:


I always think this…but the S&P / DJIA both jumped up after both of the horrific announcements recently. I can’t get my head around it!

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Hoping that this is a bull trap :sweat_smile:

I am holding off buying anything till it drops back down, might be greedy but with all the volatility at the moment I’m waiting for the market to drop again

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Have I missed the dip already? Or is the new ISA year making people buy? Well… I suppose the stocks are not up just because of UK people buying :slight_smile:

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The root cause of the problem is the virus, and over the weekend we seemed to get multiple data points indicating that the social distancing measures put in place to control it’s spread are starting to pay off in Europe. The US…not so much…

Looks like Mr Market found his Prozac and chugged it with an MDMA chaser this morning, his grasp on reality is dubious at the best of times…


Valid point, however I was also thinking of the health concerns of injecting a half-tested vaccine, which we might very well need to undergo, seeing how by the time a fully functional vaccine is developed, this pandemic might long be a thing of the past :mask:

This market rebound feels too quick.


I hope it is :smile: I think we’ll consolidate going into earnings next week, then the proper bargains may return.

I’m done trying to predict the markets now but, bad news the stock market shoots up, good news the market goes down it seems :man_shrugging:t3::joy:


Taken the opportunity to trim some positions around the edges for cash. Nice morale boost to see green but feels like a temporary relief rally to me.


More dividends being cut

I am worrying about the auto industry, I saw the other day some insurers paying back customers as they aren’t using their cars.

Funny how this thread goes quiet when the market is bullish, but active when it’s bearish.

Anyways, how’s everyone’s portfolio looking now? I’m finally in the positive now, only one of my stock is in the red now, the rest are all green.


Almost everything is green as well. Some S&P shares are down by 7%, but I bought those way before the decline. As many others, still waiting before buying more stocks

Would you share your holdings? @SecureHttp

I am quite sceptical of the recent rallies, especially US…

Bit annoyed with myself as didn’t buy into Disney a few days ago, despite looking to do so…

Here you go


This is how I currently feel about the FTSE. But just remember another opportunity will present itself so don’t worry

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Thanks very much, us tech sector looks good. I hadn’t seen that. Will take a look Into it :blush: @SecureHttp