Costco, virgin galactic, zoetis

Please add Costco, airbus, Aramco, iShares msci Philippines, virgin galactic, Louis Vuitton, Zoetis, Jolibee, Daimler AG, Suncor energy and some Forex currencies.

There’s stock requests for Costco, Virgin Galactic, Daimler and Suncor and Aramco. You can vote for those just search in the magnifying glass in the top right. For the Phillipine ETF, Jolibee and Zoetis you should create a separate request thread. More info you provide the better

FT is a bit behind on the IPO’s you’ll be waiting a while for Aramco. Virgin Galactic could be sooner as it’s got a pretty big request and some staff are no doubt waiting for it

Hey @AaronM - thanks for the requests!

As @shane-aurora said, you can find some of them here:

iShares MSCI Philippines
Virgin Galactic
Suncor Energy

Feel free to start any new threads for other you’d like to see!

We have no plans to add forex at the moment.

Ah okay, thank you

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