Could Freetrade fall foul of German telecom giant's obsessive protection of branding?


Surely they don’t own the colour :expressionless:

Was reading this before what I don’t get is how can you have a GLOBAL right to a color. I’ve dealt with lemonade before to be honest and the color is not too far off.

There’s rich people and there’s wealthy people. You know your wealthy when you own colours. This is a disgrace that this is even being considered. Colours should not be able to be copyrighted full stop. It’s like copyrighting nature, EU dopes will no doubt hold it up in the EU for them can’t see it working globallly.

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On the face of it, I didn’t think there was a clash in terms of business offerings here.

However, it seems that:

Deutsche Telekom, it seems, actually does dabble in insurance. It offers insurance on digital services like cybersecurity, and it sells policies to cover your tech gadgets, and specifically devices — carriers, of course, being major resellers of smartphones, tablets and other electronics that are used over their networks.

I love the Lemonade Instagram btw, very cool!


Well, they won a colour case in the US against AT&T. Nothing to do with the EU…

Duetsche Telekom did? How many colours do these f*** own?

EU will uphold their use of “magenta” here is what I meant talking about lemonade and not previous lawsuits over crayons

Yep, their subsidiary t-mobile usa did.
They only own their ‘magenta’ though.

Oh ye that’s right I remember them on the Bayern shirt a few years ago and their advertising. Just googled T-Mobile still have a Magenta phone plan. Doesn’t look to have have deterred them much.

It’s not just “magenta” they think they own:



@antsca that is crazy. How can you copyright a couple of RGB numbers…hope this gets thrown out

First person I read that trademarked a color was Jay-Z

Seems like they think they own every shade of pink, In an ideal world they get thrown out of court. In this age of dumb legal decisions who knows?


Seems to be something they’ve been doing for a while :slight_smile:
Colors That Are Trademarked

Interesting timing.

This was published yesterday: Digital bank Monzo fails in attempt to trademark signature colour - Financial News

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Royal Mail, UPS and Cadbury all have colour trademarks.

I heard Cadbury lost theirs.

One annoying thing about trademarks is that you can lose your trademark if you don’t “defend” it. That’s probably one reason why T Mobile are being quite aggro about it. :frowning:

Hm but monzo’s hot coral trademark failed.

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