Could you buy and sell shares for free?

I bought 26 different shares today. Cost me nothing. HL would charge 300 quid. Ok i wasn’t paying 18k each but that’s 300 quid in my pocket and for most people that’s a lot more than a days wages.


Yes but you still paid stamp duty or fx charge, so it is not free.

All I am saying is fees will kill you if you day trade/swing trade and have trades which are under £1000 a pop. If you are trading big positions, £10,000 a trade, the £10 fee is meaningless.

Not if they bought ETFs :woman_shrugging:

And using stamp duty as an example is misleading as nobody can avoid that if it’s due


With HL I was only buying positions of £1K or more because of the fees. You’re right the fee is only ~1% of that so it’s not a big deal, but with freetrade I’ve bought a much more diverse portfolio because I can get more smaller positions and it’s still cheaper


You can avoid stamp duty buying non UK stocks and also stocks on the FTSE AIM. Stamp Duty is a lot at 0.5% of trade value.

Yep. That’s why I said if it’s due

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Hargreaves Lansdown offer a great service although it’s £11.95 per trade plus 1%… On a £5,000 trade that’s £61.95 to buy & £61.95 to sell.

If the initial £5k was now worth £11,500 you’d pay £126.95 to sell. Add in the £1.50 dividend reinvestment fee - the entire trade would cost around £293.90 over 10 yrs.

Is this correct as none of the replies above talk about the 1% per trade on top of the £11.95

Where did you get the extra 1% from? It’s just £11.95, although there is a buy/sell spread and stamp duty as well, but everywhere has that

Is the 1% for HL a combination of stamp duty and something else? Is this always the percentage for individual stock trades? Thank you for your reply

FX charges are charged at a percent of trade value, stamp duty is at 0.5% of trade value.

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