Create your own automatic investment portfolio

(Harry) #1

Allow a user to create their own portfolio to be invested in automatically on a direct debit basis;
10% Tesco, 5% Ocado, 5% Lloyd’s, 20% S&P500 etc. So if I transfer £200 per month that’s split equally in my Pre-made portfolio (£20 to Tesco in this scenario).

Means I can set a standing order with my bank, and then invest in my chosen companies/securities quickly and easily.

Better for me as a user, better for you as you get my money invested quicker.

Allow Limit Orders
(Vladislav Kozub) #2

To add to what Harry said, as the ETFs and UK stocks cannot be bought partially, these will round down to the nearest share.

Whereas the US shares, due to the ability to own partial shares, could be more accurate.

I assume Harry did not add it to 100% to save on space, but in theory, before the user’s own ‘basket is created’, they could go through the Discovery tab and pick stocks/ETFs, assign % allocation, Freetrade will validate whether it adds up to 100%, and then the basket is there. Say, 50% MSCI World, 10% Amazon, 10% Apple, 10% Facebook, 10% Netflix and 10% Google (example for illustration purposes only) - confirm the creation and there you go: once you raise an order, six orders will come through the backend but the user will see their mini-fund on the Portfolio tab.

(Harry) #3

Yep - so long as there is some consistency and it always rounds down for UK then it wouldn’t be a problem, the user can get used to it easily.

In my head it is an additional functionality so you can create a couple of portfolios i.e “HarryG’s ISA Portfolio” and another for my Pension portfolio if I wish. It allows me to regularly in invest for the long term and maintain consistent allocation levels. It could for example pop up at the top of discovery tab, personalised for each user so you can see your portfolios as a single product, and then individual securities.

Ad-hoc top ups could be made into this portfolio, or into other securities on a discretionary basis.