Created account and deposited money but can't log back in

Hi. I’m loath to start a new thread on this because I can see a bunch of people have the same issue but as I deposited money I just want to make sure it gets seen. I successfully made an account (confirmed via email) and deposited £100 into my account. The money didn’t show immediately so I logged out and logged in and now I’m presented with the create account loop indefinitely. The money was confirmed by my bank to have been transferred.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: should add this is on an android phone.


Not sure if it’s the exact same issue but a friend of mine had a similar problem.

A force stop of the app and clearing the app data and cache seemed to fix it.


Sadly didnt do the trick. Still am stuck in the loop of creating a new account…

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Yes I’ve tried that, and I’ve also emaied the address with the same issue. I’ve tried clearing the cache, storage, force stop and reinstall. So far I am presented with the same issue every time. I should say this is not a huge issue, I recognise circumstances are what they are and a lot of people are trying to do the same thing at once. It doesn’t put me off the platform, just looking for an eventual solution.

Thanks again!


Just thought I’d jump in and mention that I am experiencing the same thing.

Also have an email saying;
“your first monthly payment of £3 will be taken within 24 hours, so please ensure that you’ve added a payment method on the Manage your ISA screen. (Hit the profile icon to the top-right of the Portfolio screen, and then Mange your ISA and Add a Card).”

Obviously I can’t do that without logging in.

Can’t find anywhere obvious to send a support request too, hoping someone gets back to me on here


Looks like @MeghanB26 is looking into this under this thread: Stuck on the ‘creating your account’ loading page
May be worth posting in there if you haven’t already?


Yeah have this problem as well, sent an email and made a post here but still waiting, hope it gets sorted soon, really annoying depositing so much money and not being able to access it.

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Thanks! I’ll do that :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, created account, deposited money which has come out of bank, but now stuck in constant loop of creating account. @MeghanB26 can you help?

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