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Rise on this following Nobel prize for CRISPR technology. Similar for others using the tech e.g. EDIT, NTLA.

It’s already on the app

That’s why it says [On] in the title. It’s for discussion…

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I have a small amount of CRISPR. Nice to see it going up again. it’s been a bit flat for the last few months.

Hopefully the Nobel prize will bring a bit more recognition to the techniques, and lead to more growth in the related companies

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Anyone into Crispr? What do you think?

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I like CRSP and it’s performed great the last few months. But its a highly speculative stock for me, so I’ll be taking profits on the ride up.

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This is a fascinating insight into the science behind the discovery and it’s potential future uses…


Not sure what’s happened here over the last few days.

Very wordy but they have been given approval of trials

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CRISPR Therapeutics Ag is one of the companies in the iShares Health Innovations ETF.

Down 21% in the past two weeks… anyone know why?

Anything “growth” is being slaughtered at the moment

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CRISPR released earnings data at the beginning of last week in which they reported losses slightly larger than analysts’ estimates and significantly larger than last year. That coincided with the beginning of this two-week 21% decrease in share price. They seem to have good prospects in the pipeline, but they are losing money at an increasing rate. And yes, the market is not currently in the mood to pay for future growth.

I’m leaning towards buying the dip… :crossed_fingers:t3: