Crowdcube payment collection


I understand the MasterCard network is unaffected only visa, however some merchants put MasterCard through the visa network (don’t know how/why).

(Gareth) #22

I received an email saying my investment payment had failed - I’m assuming it has something to do with the Visa issue so I’ll wait until tomorrow before retrying. Is there a deadline for when Crowdcube have to receive payment? @HannahCrowdcube

(Viktor) #23

Indeed, Crowdcube told us many investors were impacted. They’ll try processing payments again on Monday.


I invested in latest round and it seems Freetrade is attempting to take payments today. Bit of bad timing because I have Visa card on Crowdcube and Visa are experiencing issues so it declined.

I think I will try to pay once Visa issues are resolved. Anyone else had this today?


Hey don’t fret - Crowdcube will retry the payment on Monday :slight_smile:

(Tommy Lowe) #26

Right you were!


Payment taken. All invested up :smiley:

(Tommy Lowe) #28

Cracking username :ok_hand:t3: