Crowdfund R7 Rewards



That’s nuts - to make such a proactive offer and then drop the ball. I propose that their product development team takes over the investor relations/PR team. Their interactions on the forum have been amazing!

Exhibit A: [Request for feedback] New Stock Fundamentals Feature - 52 wk high/low - #19 by jamesthemonkeh

@NeilB You undid all your good work when you started quoting Take That lyrics in this hallowed place. If I had my way, rather than giving you merch, someone would come round to your house and start taking things away from you.

CashCow and the Klingon Empire have something in common…


Anyway, maybe it’s worth pinging @Rajan07 in case they have an update on all the missing merch from years gone by.


The scene in FT HQ right now. PR v Product


I can only promise to learn and to grow as a person. I hope to regain your trust someday.


Hi. I’m really sorry to hear this. My understanding is due to the pandemic, our suppliers were shut down for a large period of time. We’ve then also had to tackle further production and shipping issues following EU/UK trading changes.

If anyone is missing any swag from previous rounds, please let me know by direct message and I’ll pass on your details to my colleague @DanielE who is handling this. @beermoneytrader - if you could let me and @DanielE know a bit more about your offer, that would be great as well so we can get this sorted for you. Apologies again.

Great to see such positive reaction to the product development team!

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I filled out a form for a hoodie two times and i also won a hoodie. So thats 3. I also filled in form for wife so thats 4. I also spent 10k on last round so nft due. I think i got 3 socks somehere along the lines, but that wasnt the deal.

So 4 hoodies (2 from last round!) and an nft?

You cant keep blaming brexit and suppliers. Neither apply to nft either.

I wouldn’t even mind if there was no rewards, but promising stuff repeatedly and not sending is just wrong.


Fully understand your frustration and apologies again.

Could you send me and @DanielE a direct message so we can sort this?


I’ve got an update on this - swag should be posted later this month and NFT rewards will hopefully go out soon as well.

If anyone is waiting for rewards who didn’t invest in the previous crowdfunding round, please DM me and @DanielE so we can look into it and check you’re on the list for these forthcoming rewards.



Me too, I still waiting

Hello Rajan07 how can I DM you

Hey. I’ll message you

Ok… still waiting

Hi. I’ll try again - apologies.

Hi Rajan, I sent a mail to you.

Hi. Thank you for sending an email, I’ve received it and looking into it.

To be basically Frank I’m actually still waiting on swag for winning the game "1millionth freetrade member,

Which was achieved on 13th October 2021
I know it was that date that’s why I picked it cause I could remember it!

I’m not into begging esp for a pair of socks or hoodie as probably wouldn’t of fitted me now and summer coming!

So maybe donate to ukrainian person as I know they will get anything ATM (not hating before people say anything)

Just throwing my penny in to :+1:t2:


Please can you message me. I’ve not received any rewards still.

Hey. A quick update on rewards - our supplier is very close to dispatch, there’s just been a slight hitch on couple of details they just need to verify again. @DanielE is chasing to get this sorted.

I’ll keep you posted, and thanks again for your patience on this.


Thanks for the update.

What is the timeline for all other rewards?


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Hey. Could you DM me and @DanielE and we’ll look into this?



Hi Rajan,
Just messaged you regarding the investor reward too.

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