Crowdfunding 2023 - 🎈

Got my R9 shares showing on Capdesk this morning after accepting them. Still waiting for the CN round shares to appear.


Would be awesome to hear of the exciting features you’re working on. Great to hear of the new hire in Sweden too. Would really appreciate some updates towards profitability too but can understand how sensitive that could be.


Yup. Looking forward to hearing about the progress that’s been made.


@acamp Was this announced anywhere? I mean, I don’t mind more being raised for marketing purposes, but didn’t see this posted anywhere here?

@Birgirm it was announced in another thread:
Freetrade on Wealth Club


My R9 shares or conversion don’t appear to be showing on Capdesk, are these happening in stages @acamp ?

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Response I got enquiring when the convertible and last funding round shares will appear on the Capdesk dashboard

FT cosec
“Smaller investments are held via crowdcube and your holding won’t appear on Capdesk”

I still need to chase this up as it seems inconsistent

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