Crowdfunding 2023 - 🎈

Got my R9 shares showing on Capdesk this morning after accepting them. Still waiting for the CN round shares to appear.


Would be awesome to hear of the exciting features you’re working on. Great to hear of the new hire in Sweden too. Would really appreciate some updates towards profitability too but can understand how sensitive that could be.


Yup. Looking forward to hearing about the progress that’s been made.


@acamp Was this announced anywhere? I mean, I don’t mind more being raised for marketing purposes, but didn’t see this posted anywhere here?

@Birgirm it was announced in another thread:
Freetrade on Wealth Club


My R9 shares or conversion don’t appear to be showing on Capdesk, are these happening in stages @acamp ?

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Response I got enquiring when the convertible and last funding round shares will appear on the Capdesk dashboard

FT cosec
“Smaller investments are held via crowdcube and your holding won’t appear on Capdesk”

I still need to chase this up as it seems inconsistent

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Hey Alex. Hope you are doing fine!

Haven’t received any product update since June.

Is there any news to share? The radio silence is a bit worrying…

Would be great to have a catch up for the investor community. Was expecting some updates in September based on your message.


Please don’t keep us guessing much longer.


Hey @szb and @Wulfy

We sent out a company update about a month ago and are due to send another one out shortly.

We sent this using a new tool and I’ve now realised that we used this to share with all current customers, but did not cross-check that with our list of crowdfunding investors who might not have an account!

We’ve got a couple of chunky updates that are just about ready to go. We’ve had to do a bit of extra work and testing to get things right, hence the radio silence. But all will be revealed shortly … :wink:

24 Likes looks at the headline (rev, ebitda) financials of 40 UK fintechs, including Freetrade, Trading212 and others


Hi Rod,

My lack of technical skills (or perhaps access) means I can’t see the full list - can you post it here please?


I got you:

"With the majority of 2022 fintech Annual Reports now published, I can update the report about the Status of UK Fintech – Growth Rate (benchmark with 40 UK fintech players).

  • Total revenues 2022 of £2.8bn;
  • The median growth rate (revenues) of the Sector in 2022 vs 2021 is 55% (average 118%);
  • Fintech players active in the lending to SME are the segment with the best revenues growth rate (including Starling + 140%, Tandem +286%, Zopa +130%);
  • Infrastructure providers for open banking are not growing as expected and also overall, they have very low revenues;
  • Mixed result on the wealthtech players, with cleoAI best in class (+192%) flowwoed by Moneybox (+101%), but several players with growth rate lower than 50% and highly unprofitable (including Moneyfarm and Nutmeg);
  • Just 3 companies, Seedrs, Primary Bids and Though Machine, reported negative growth rate (note: for PrimaryBids and Though Machine the data are 2021 vs 2020)."

Davide Sangiovanni
Founder & General Partner at Graffiti Ventures on LinkedIn


Thanks Warren, that’s great.

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Thanks Warren, I was just about to post that! The data will be from annual accounts, so 12+ months old. I would guess that some of these have spent a lot of energy since 2022 cutting costs to get much closer to breakeven. Even so, it’s a sobering read.


wow look at the revenue gap between FT and T212. And EBITDA of T212 positive as well!


As we know this mainly comes through their CFD’s


“shortly”, must be the new “soon” :joy:.

Friendly poking.

Obviously eager to hear of the exciting features being worked on.

We’re all so keen to see freetrade succeed and amp up to the next level when the other free players start coming to our shores.

Heavily invested in freetrades future in more ways than one having been a very early investor and user of the app.


Hi @acamp
i’m an early investor and i didn’t recieve the update…

Can you send the email to those who didn’t receive it?


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When can we expect some general updates from Freetrade?

It’s been quite a while after the Crowdfunding round and it will be very appreciated to hear something from the company. There used to be a Newsletter once in a while…