[Crowdfunding 🔨] Coconut crowdfunding

Really happy with my investment in Coconut and will be doubling down in April :muscle:



I think that there is a very good call :ok_hand:t3:

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Perhaps somebody can help (I’ve possibly already asked on here some time ago)…

The previous share price was 0.0154 so I currently hold tens of thousands of shares.

I’m assuming these will be massively diluted when they raise again?

They will be but the value of each share would go up and typically more than make up for it. Your percentage ownership of the company will reduce but you’ll generally be richer. Some companies offer pre-emption to cover this (i.e. you pay for more shares to maintain your stake). It’s more meaningful if you are a VC trying to keep 10% of a company to keep your board seat. I own 1/40,000th of Monzo and will own a much smaller percentage if they eventually float as my ownership decreases each time they raise. I’ll reflect on that when I’m sitting on my yacht…


I’ll be sure to take up the 20% pre emotion offer then :tada:


I chose not to invest in them, I hope I don’t come to regret that decision…

There’s an investor event this Wednesday, anyone planning to attend?

Be interesting to find more about the next raise, future plans etc etc


I can’t make it either, but would like to hear from anyone attending please!


Did anyone makeit to the openhouse ?

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Keen to hear if anybody went

I did! :raising_hand_man:Hope you don’t mind iif i leave it for my last write up in the megathread in a few days - it was mostly about features and growth; crowdfund details (timelines, valuation, etc) are still as yet unannounced though - an email’s dropping in a few days/weeks appaz :sweat_smile:


OK great, cheers :+1:

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Hey Everyone, you might be interested in the video of the presentation I did at the event on Facebook.

Also keen to do an AMA if that’s something the Freetrade community are interested in.


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