🚀 Crowdfunding graveyard - a cautionary tale ⚰️

Sorry why would I need to be careful? My opinion is objective. I along with Equity Crowd Funding have looked at the numbers going back many years and they have never once hit any of their targets and at the moment are at a loss of 7 million,all the info is there. So what’s the problem?


As I mentioned if you have done your research then great. You seem convinced you have so all good. My goodness though let’s be honest who actually does deliver against their targets :thinking: :rofl:. They have been and continue to grow quite nicely and should be reaching profitability in the next 12 months. Good luck to you :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I like contrasting opinions. I reckon they will curl up and die in 2-3 years or sell out and investors will be lucky to get 10p in the pound. 50% of the reviews are negative which is a massive amount. I personally just don’t see grated cauliflower being the future. Not to mention that the packaging they use is not recyclable. Can you believe that?

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Of course otherwise this would be a v boring place to come. Cauliflower for sure is not everyone’s cup of tea hence why they have also released additional products lines. However most importantly I rather look at the strong revenue growth & margin improvement numbers rather than review ratings and the number of equity raises. They are aware of the need to improve their “greeness” credentials as everyone must do and have announced plans for this. Let’s see who’s right in the future and let with “cauliflower” on their face :wink:


Have you invested in them? I was very close to but decided against it. I kept thinking of the Dragons Den panel and what they would have said. Lol

I have which is probably why I’m defending them and my investment decision :laughing: Yes they could be better but they tick so many of the macro trends (low carb and cal, convenience, shelf stable etc…) and I’d argue their monthly comms are the absolute benchmark for crowdfunded companies. Platinum plus level. Let’s see. Let’s focus on companies that have failed or failing on this thread…

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I invested a small amount in cash coach (enough not to be concerned about) and their updates are a guy doing a vlog, no graphics, or graphs, just a guy speaking into a mic.

Doesn’t fill me with confidence. :laughing:

Mostly given up with crowdcube investing (sorry FT…), seems to be full of poor quality start ups. Seedrs a bit better. I may just go with the access fund at Syndicateroom as they seem to be decent at selecting companies and saves me the bother of any DD.

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I am :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

What I don’t understand is this. Why is a company allowed to keep coming back with the begging bowl relentlessly,if the product is so good then it will sell,so why not expand a little slower,instead of screwing investors time and time again. If it so good then why are they not making plenty of profit? Anyway I genuinely hope I am wrong and you make some money.

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:thinking: But THEY ARE selling the product with substantial double digit growth year on year, including landing a very ambitious and successful expansion to the US and investment in their teams, product development and infrastructure. All raises are over subscribed and with significant repeat experienced investor activity and with realistic valuations.

If you think these guys are bad then either you are a crowdfunding genius and haven’t picked a loser or are new to this game. I’d be scared to think what you would be like with some of the long list of companies (100+) I have invested in via crowdfunding. Some of them are absolute dogs and actually warranty criticism. Seriously some real shockers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Profit is absolutely not the way to go up front. That’s not how this game works. Do you suggest Freetrade slows down, stops doing continual raises and turns a profit instead of growth. :thinking: Yeah I thought not. This is high risk high reward.

I’m actually BOTH not had a loser yet. I have invested in 40+ companies . I’ll let you know how I get on in 3-7 yrs. I’m sticking to what I believe regarding Fullgreen. You also can’t for 1 second compare Freetrade to Fullgreen. I have tried the product and it was rank rotten and I eat plenty of vegan food. Also they need packaging that is eco-friendly you can’t even recycle the packaging that will cost plenty.

I give up / surrender :rofl: :see_no_evil: :wave:t3:


Has anyone on here invested in Enterobiotix or Arcis Biotechnology on Syndicate Room before they switched to their Access fund only approach?

I invested Arcis a few years ago. However, I didn’t invest in the other one that you mention.


Arcis has been frustrating with a massive downround after finding fraudulent activity internally. Enterobiotix are frustrating as they have the worst comms of my overall portfolio…

Agreed, the alleged internal fraud within Arcis was shocking to find out about. However, I am hopeful that the new management team will turn things around. I didn’t invest in the down round as I want to sit back and see how this plays out. We shall see…

Yeah, I didn’t bother topping up. New CEO seems strong and new board is strong but will take a while to get valued back where it was. Definitely one in the 7+ years category.

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I was an unlucky Emoov investor, I wouldn’t recommend Crowd Cube to anyone. I understand that losses can obviously occur but due diligence on behalf of crowd cube was clearly none existent in this case. I stick with Seedrs which seems much more legit and even allows you to sell shares in start ups.

They are both going to be the same company this year or next.


I personally think they’re much of a muchness. Any crowdfunding or angel investment is incredibly high risk but it’s about finding the big winner.
What I find most frustrating are the ones that do “ok” but don’t then ever push for an exit. I have a list of them…!