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This one is quite something. Love Yourself is a meal delivery company. Their USP is the meals were already prepared rather than having to assemble them yourself like all the other meal kit companies. They have gone insolvent DURING a Seedrs round here: Love Yourself | EIS Crowdfunding Investment | Seedrs . They are advising anyone with outstanding orders to try and get their money back via chargeback


And Calally goes into administration today too….I really liked those guys. A tough market out there.

This seems insane! Don’t seedrs hold all the cash and only release it to the company once the round is successfully concluded? In that case Seedrs should be able to return any investments made in this round?

I’ve always thought that crowdcube model where they only take the cash after the round closed was better, and would avoid this kind of situation.


The chargeback recommendation to customers, not investors. It’s also online on the company website with the same text as in the screenshot of the email posted earlier.

So it’s not related to how Seedrs is handling the monies.

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I realise this is a long time ago but I know some info about GripIt if you are still interested?

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Yes please

Yes please

If you are a shareholder, you should have received an update in March - if not, you need to make sure they have your correct / current email…a new update will come out in the next couple of weeks explaining the latest situation and offering a way for those who want to exit and are sitting on losses, to take them - a new proposition by planD to exit by diversification…a share exchange

May I ask how did you come by this information? Are you involved with this company ?

As for contacting the company, the do not reply to emails at all. The director seems to treat small shareholders with complete content and ignores all communications.

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Received an email in March from Nicjk Beare but this only referred to:
New General Manager
Revenue Update
Confirmation Statement and duplicate investor entries
Possible option We are in early discussions with an innovative fund structure that may be able to offer some partial liquidity to investors through an opportunity where applicable to claim EIS loss relief. we hope to update further on this shortly.
Nothing received since

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