🚀 Crowdfunding graveyard ⚰️

Perhaps they were looking for a bigger slice of the market faster…

There’s something rotten here - and it’s not just the salami.

They had great products, central locations, 5* ratings, 1 & 2 positions on TripAdvisor. They made pizza (which never goes out of fashion). I mean, what were the directors up to???

As a Crowdfunding investor, I’m a wee bit shocked and p’d off to see them go into liquidation.

Another one down- CityMapper

It didn’t go bust but are you saying it was a lower valuation than you invested ?

yeah it was sold for £0.8 per share (it was raised in CC for £2.71 per share in the last round)- so like 70% loss


I think that with the drops in tech listed equities, there is a big opportunity to temporarily shift to investing into those instead of start ups. Additionally, by doing that you provide your ptf with extra liquidity as you can sell anytime.

For a few years it seemed that start up investing was less risky than it actually is. Now it’s the time of the truth and statistically, many of them need to go bust.

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What do you expect?

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Citymapper is such an iconic app ! It’s a pitty they never find ways to monetize !

I am actually very curious to know what the crowdcube investors will get out of the Via deal. With the previous VC deals who I guess must have preference shares… and seeing the drop in valuation, I would guess the CC investor will probably lose everything ?!

was the offer a mix of cash and Via shares?

Yes, I don’t know offhand the amounts, but a mix of cash and Via shares.

Clim8 looks like it has gone under… Ridiculous valuation placed on it in the first place so little surprise, really…


I tried the app once, it was terrible.

And Imagen Therapeutics goes into liquidation too….

And ISO Spaces…

And Borrow A Boat!

and Zero Carbon Farms Limited (referred to as “ZCF” or the “Company”)

Whilst completing this due diligence, we have unfortunately been informed by the Company that the Board of Directors (“the Board”) of the Company have considered its financial position and concluded that it is unable to continue to trade or avoid insolvency.

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Really? They did show up very often on Seedrs to raise.

Just saw the email, bit of a shock and once again processing how bad our current (UK) economy climate is…

Is it true that BaB is no more