🚀 Crowdfunding graveyard ⚰️

Kiss your The Cheeky Panda shares goodbye! Chris and Julie are millionaires and all the Seedrs investors have been taken for a ride. How many times have they raised on Seedrs 7 or 8. They also had a raise specifically a secondary raise in 2021 so that they could cash out their shares,made a pretty penny so they did. Who takes BIG money out of a company that isn’t profit making ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS


I’m up on paper!

Seedrs tells me I invested circa £1k, which is now worth £5k - mostly from Oddbox.

Crowdcube I’ve lost £500 - Honest Burgers, Harts, Gipsy Hill, Earthly and Freetrade are still trading…not sure if they are worth more/less/same as when I invested.

It takes something for me to get interested in a crowdfund. I tend to ask these questions:

  1. Do I use or would I like to use the company?
  2. Why are they crowdfunding and not going to VC, etc?
  3. Do they offer something unique that VC might not see the value of?
  4. Are they just on the blag?

Another One bites the dust


Daisy Green has filed accounts showing a £4m increase in sales (up to nearly £18m) and EBITDA up £700k YOY (now >£2m).


Blame Covid as ever! Seems they should have paid their tax bill. Another start up where the retail investor will lose out


‘We’ve lost all your money but we’ve learnt a lot to give our next grift a better chance’.



I have got preliminary details of the SRC liquidation sale. It sounds like they’re trying to find a buyer for the whole caboodle rather than sell the assets piecemeal. It is being handled by SIA.

It is intended that a sale will be executed at the earliest opportunity and all expressions of interest
must be registered by no later than midday Friday 23 February 2024, with final offers to be
submitted by midday on Tuesday 27 February 2024.

Just received an email from Antaco. Need to read it again in the morning but looks like another failure. Anyone more experienced in this space who invested in them….let me know. Thanks