[Crowdfunding 🔨] Moneybox

I have got the Q3 one and others, but nothing for Q4 sadly! I will email the sender of the Q3 one. Thanks

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moneybox is coming back to Crowdcube!


What was the last round’s pre-money valuation?

Moneybox pre-money valuation:

2020 - £143M
2022 - £299M (current raise)

Pitch went live today on Crowdcube for existing investors.

They have investing in individual stocks on their roadmap.

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Adding US share trading has become a commodity. I recall Freetrade talking about a platform API, I wonder if or when they release that then all of these apps will also offer UK share trading and non-GIA accounts.

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I’m in again for a little too up. In supermarkets terms I see Moneybox as the Waitrose of Money Apps over Chip/Plum who I compare as Tesco/Morrisons and Emma as Farmfoods :joy::joy:

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Does anybody have the MoneyBox pitch deck? Was keen to their valuation multiple of current / 1 year projected revenues. Thanks.

£14m annualised Revenues (April 2022 x 12)

£15m Revenues forecast for 2022