Crowdfunding round seven, Wed 24th Nov 2021 🎉

Shares available now on Crowdcube if anyone wants but be quick, £9,961 available :+1:


Just about to post this too!


Thanks @mynameisgeraint :+1:

Just in case it isn’t already on the agenda, please can @Viktor ask Crowdcube to clear up the situation regarding the 5% carry fee.

@adam mentioned you were seeking clarification on the 25th November, but I don’t think the community have seen any clarification from :freetrade: yet.


And if they could also tell us what the NFT is all about that would be nice!


Hi Olly, we’re working with Crowdcube to clarify it. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


NFTs often have some extra perks associated with them. We’d like to surprise you with how cool the Freetrade NFTs are, but in the meantime, do you have any associated perks you wish to have?


I think many agree with the points you’re making. Many features are supposedly around the corner so we can only raise our concerns on progress and continue to help the team understand what is our priority through topics like the Christmas Wishlist. In 2020 that Wishlist featured Autoinvest, SIPP and Live Pricing in the top 3 - FT will say they’ve shipped 2 out of 3.


European stocks and markets are great for user growth but to get users to continue to use the app then Autopilot should be seen as vital.

Seems like people know who you are and are flagging it based on the fact you’ve been permanently banned.


Maybe not but I would guess someone had issues with these for start

That is a start and most would argue FT are more involved with the community than almost all other companies in Fintech. Yes they have some issues, I’m known to air my views on problems at FT, but when someone just constantly trolls and is WAAAAY over the top whilst not being constructive then I guess some people just flag as they are tired of it. :+1: Personally I think it is a waste of time as I want to read hidden comments more than non hidden ones so it has the opposite effect.

We all like a complaint here and there but don’t go to the extent of creating alt accounts and insulting the staff whilst accusing them of being liars. If FT is sooo bad there are other providers out there.


Please, please stop feeding the troll.



You are 100% right but if left unchallenged new members would read certain things and believe it as nobody challenged it. :grimacing: Hence why I am passionate about the below :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[Feature Request :wrench:] Verified User tag - Ideas :bulb: - Freetrade Community




  1. A private company expected to be worth more than one billion pounds / dollars in the not too distant future.
  2. A nonsense word that serve almost no purpose but will be ubiquitous.
  1. A word that ronnie will now squeeze into every possible reply until the day unicorn status is achieved.



Where can I find out how many shares you need to buy for certain perks in R7?

At the bottom of the Crowdcube pitch there is a graphic :+1:

Investor badge


An Investor R7 badge on your Freetrade profile screen and the community forum.

Investor app icons


A selection of unique investor app icons for the Freetrade iOS & Android apps • Plus everything from the previous tier.

Freetrade swag


Get access to our limited private beta launch in upcoming country launches. Available if you are resident there • High-quality, exclusive Freetrade swag: your choice of either a hoodie, pair of socks, and for the first time ever, a Freetrade t-shirt • Plus everything from the previous tier.

Founding Member


Be recognised with Founding Member status on the app and forum • Get paid premium services, like tax-wrapped accounts, in upcoming country launches, for free, for a year. Available if you are resident there • Plus everything from the previous tier.

Founding member NFT


Freetrade’s exclusive first-ever NFT • Our paid premium services, like tax-wrapped accounts, in upcoming country launches, for free, forever. Available if you are resident there • Plus everything from the previous tier.

Founding member plus


Founding Member badge in the app and the forum, dinner with the founding team, available in London • Plus everything from the previous tier.

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Thanks Gary, is there any freetrade plus for life in those rewards? Just checking

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No but there is for EU raise over a certain amount which is mentioned above in previous comments. :+1:


When your company is too cool that no-one appreciates it and it goes out of business :sunglasses:


Is Juno now using two accounts at the same time?!

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