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Quite rare for a cybersecurity company to go public (last one if I remember rightly was Avast, on LSE).

Love to buy into this.

Second this, have been watching OKTA, ZS and CRWD for while now, if we can get ZS and CRWD :ok_hand:

I work in cybersecurity so quite keen on seeing more of these stocks, cyber stocks in general are booming now anyways.

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Would love to see Crowdstrike as well on the platform please.

It’d be good to see CrowdStrike on here. I went to a technology brief of theirs a couple of years ago and I remember thinking how smart the product seemed compared to the rest of the market.

Don’t forget to vote at the top for the stocks you want to see. It helps prioritise what the community want adding.

Already done :slight_smile:

Looks like another solid quarter for Crowdstrike

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Another decent quarter. Up in after hours trading.

Going to look for another entry point after dropping out after an amazing run up :man_facepalming:

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