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i member when jobs paid people in cash.

that wasn’t ever made illegal, was it?

Bad sauce! :stuck_out_tongue:

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so it is.

My first pay packet was a little brown envelope with £90 in. I thought i was rich. Doesn’t seem that long ago but I guess it is.


I remember getting paid in cash in a little brown envelope then the banks and insurance companies said that isn’t happening anymore, i like many didn’t even have a bank account so would take a cheque to cash in a bank then that stopped. I think a similar thing will happen with cash, eventually it will cost too much to print and distribute and we will move to digital currency in some form.

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This has been requested repeatedly, please do a search before creating a fresh topic.

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Regulation equal acknowledgement and legitimisation, which is not always a bad thing.

Meanwhile if you look at technical indicators (coin price) Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the major alt coins are enjoying some short-term (for now) positive momentum after few months of diving or sideways movements.

Some others alt-coins are close to the all time high reached in May 2021 too.

My boi nano imo is the one to watch.

Interesting story


New all time high soon? :crescent_moon:

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I’ve got my exposure to crypto in Etoro and TBH never really given much thought to the whole crypto sector other than I knowing I have I have some. I don’t intend to use Bitcoin etc so never really cared about a wallet etc but wondering is there a bigger benefit to go full on crypto and get the actual coins and wallet?

If so where is the best/cheapest /easiest option? I have tried reading a few times but there are sooooo many dodgy looking pro-crypto sites I tend not to trust them, hence not researching to hard. :joy:

My portfolio is simple and just a single buy each month of a small amount and never to be touched for a very long time unless something unexpected pops up.

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I use Coinbase and these two are easiest to use. I have a preference for Coinbase but is good for earning rewards through staking.

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Hopefully you use Coinbase PRO as the fees between original and pro are massive.

Is that for transaction or purchases? I read the wallet is free and wanted a place to store rather than use like that and just purchase bits at a time.

Yeah apologies I was referring to the fees when purchasing Crypto.

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Cheers, I found a decent link I think that breaks it down so will do a bit of research.

The Complete Guide to Coinbase Fees (and How to Avoid Them) (

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I use kraken and tbh i think you should keep most* of your crypto in a wallet cos if central institutions get hacked or get runs on them it’ll happen way faster than a bank run. Also, in crypto, one of >the< main benefits is custody over yer stuff (even if it’s worth trillions you can store the key in you mind). If it’s not in your wallet then it’s “not yours”.

I tend to keep only what i can lose in others’ custody, no matter how good the deal is.

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I’m talking small amounts as my main focus is my stock apps but a little each month to kinda forget about. I’ll have a gander at Kraken. :+1: