Good move everyone has to move with the times otherwise they will get left behind.


:joy: :joy:

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That some Slick Banner I have to admit

Say’s the man who can’t put his trousers on the right way


Trump knows all about scams


He probably owns several millions worth of bitcoin!

Who still cares what he says?

Unfortunately plenty of people do.

Robert Kiyosaki • Bitcoin is the future, he’s buying more.

Donald Trump • Bitcoin/ Crypto is a scam.

The strange correlation here is that Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump are good friends and both crooks. They disagree.

Unless, Robert Kiyosaki is not long bitcoin and only really hyped about it to appeal to the younger crowd - which then in-turn sells more of his books etc…

Crypto has begun but you’ll be damned if it’s anywhere near ready for mainstream use.

Seems quite the contradiction to have Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump both with totally conflicting rationalities around crypto.

What throws you off the most is the advert of Nigel Farage advertising cryptocurrency investments as he recently began financial retraining as an advisor :sweat_smile:

This shows how early we all are, the mainstream use case has not even formed for anything.

I’d back the blockchain technology, 5g / 6g and quantum computing. Something from those three are huge when mixed together.


There is still a lot of people that do unfortunately …they’re called Trumpers (Morons to you and me)

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People who follow politicians opinion vehemently give me a certain fear.

It is the exact same for stocks and shares… Would be great to at least see them list companies in the space doing great things, like Argo, Square 9already on FT) and Mode

They already do Argo :+1: