100% agree…and let’s leave it at that shall we gents.

It’s an interesting time, I’ve seen some major banks start providing some crypto services. So who knows what the future holds. I do know though that at sub 1 trillion in the whole crypto sphere or more like sub 1 trillion in the bitcoin sphere it is easy to manipulate. Or maybe 100 trillion :slight_smile:

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There’s literally no need for this.

Freetrade came about because trading stocks/shares and investing in ETFs/Indexes used to be a costly and sometimes complex process. They’ve made it easy for the everyday investor.

With Crypto you’re literally just best at buying the underlying assets and there’s dozens of platforms already letting you buy the Cryptocurrencies next to spot price.

I did hear there was supposed to be a fund coming that tracked the top performing cryptos and let you trade them on the stock market, not sure how true this was as it was just a rumour floating around at the time.

Either way, I always feel it’s just better to buy the coins/tokens yourself.

Personally, I want Freetrade to stay away from that, Freetrade have prided themselves on offering a decent level of service with any risks clearly stated.

Cryptocurrency is so extremely volatile that it could potentially sour a lot of people who maybe don’t know a lot about Crypto, invest, lose money and then put all of that blame on Freetrade.

Crypto is like the sotckmarkets but on steroids, more like penny stocks. The swings can just be so HUGE even within the top 10 crypto’s combined, it’s just so high risk. If I was Freetrade I wouldn’t want to get caught up in that and that’s coming from someone who has a large portfolio in cryptocurrency.


Yeah coinbase is the basic setup. It was more to trade between shares and crypto’s.

Interesting pov. I think there might be a top ten bundle of crypto on IG spreadbetting. I like a lot of what FT are doing and I’ve invested in FT so want to see them do great. You have a point though FT’s main selling point is lowering the barrier to entrance to invest.

isn’t this partially what drives the prices in stock markets. Herd mentality…

yeah I can see this as a longer term strategy. have it as an add on, that seems to be what some of the other platforms are doing.

By definition nothing except food, water and shelter have inherent value as that is all that is needed for surviving. The value of almost everything else is decided by supply and demand and so, in this sense, cryptocurrencies are no different from anything else.


Totally agree, I think bitcoin just like gold should not be kept on someone else bank/product. Not your keys not your bitcoin. Also gold needs to be under the mattress. I am very hoping that freetrade would not go trading route rather than long term investing. Even though Name Freetrade is a bit miss leading so is Poundland. Not everything is for a pound there LOL

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Lots of anti-crypto feeling here, but that’s fair enough.

I would challenge those who are strongly against it to spend a week researching blockchain and come back and say it’s not worth 1-5% of your portfolio.

Having said that, I wouldn’t want to invest in crypto through FT unless it was an ETF.


Please please get crytocurrency in and with isa account this with help us pay no tax on captial gains.

The only value I see in crypto is smart contracts.

If FT could leverage a blockchain to issue share contracts on a dAPP then that alone would inherently have value.

Could be a cool way to go global, fast

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Oh and is pretty cool

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