FreeTrade aims to be the market leader amongst Gen Z’s and Milenials.
As a vanguard FinTech company that wants to maintain the edge leading the way, It cannot aford NOT to start offering crypto trading.

wakey-wakey, Viktor !

Crypto .com just announced they are burning 70,000,000,000 CRO tokens (including 59.6 billion today). Apparently this is the biggest token burn in history.

Total CRO token supply according to coinmarketcap is 100 billion, which means they are burning 70% of all tokens.

Before the announcement it seems the price was around $0.135 per token. Since the announcement, the token has increased to about $0.27 (roughly +100%).

It may have a little further to go, since 100/70 * 0.135 = 0.45.

Full disclosure: I own some CRO tokens and am a user of the crypto .com app, which is how I learned about it.

Edit: Just realised this is the crypto stock request thread, and not general discussion :man_facepalming: Please feel free to move the post if it is considered off-topic.

I love you because you love crypto. But maaaan, so many ppl will get burned because of scams and dodgy tokens and NFTs , its like the 90s and the internet

Ethereum USD


Plz plz plz plz plz

That’s not a stock, so can’t be added. Nobody knows yet when Freetrade will offer crypto. But you can just open a coinbase account if you want to buy it.

If Freetrade want another huge spike in user growth, they just need to list Cardano!