CSV with all listed stocks

Could I get a list of all stocks in a CSV format? preferably in the format of the names in one column, the ISIN in another and the stock code in another?

I’d really appreciate this as Freetrade lacks the tools for analysis, being able to export the list on Freetrade means we can track them on alternative platforms but carry out the trades with Freetrade

Is the Freetrade securities Google Sheet not sufficient?

What else do you need?

I’m building something right now that sounds like it would help you. Stay tuned. finki.io/finkiAPI.html


Thanks for this! I used it before and didn’t know it was still being updated, I’ll delete my current list then import this over thanks for your help and that API looks like just what I need so I don’t have to keep deleting and adding them all, because the imports require proof checking or they add stocks from other exchanges or just different companies in some cases, and sometimes the 3rd party doesn’t have data on the company so the process could be more efficient/productive.

I think an API could streamline the process without the need for having to check for added stocks then deleting the current list, adding the others, proofing and correcting, etc. I’ll keep an eye out, thanks again! :slight_smile: