Curve Card

I don’t know a great deal about Curve. But I pay my rent via bank transfer, is it possible to pay this out of a Curve account and then charge it to a credit card, without incurring fees?

Curve is a debit card, so you could only use it to pay your rent directly if your landlord accepts debit card payments, which is unlikely.

**Note that for all the methods below, some credit card providers (Tesco, Natwest, others) will charge you a cash advance fee, making it prohibitively expensive. Others such as aqua, mbna, barclaycard etc do not, so you should do a small transfer first and let it clear on your credit card account to be absolutely sure… **

You can use Curve to top up Starling via settle up (£250 per day), Monzo via (£100 per day up to £500 per month for a specific card - up to £1k per month over two cards), and dozens in app (not sure of limit).

Alternatively, Revolut allows you to top up directly with a credit card, but they are sensitive about “credit cycling”, so they may block or even close your account if you’re simply topping up by credit card and doing bank transfers out to your account. It may be OK if you’re paying your rent directly from Revolut though…

For Curve, the initial card limit is low at 10k and they won’t increase it if your spending doesn’t fit their “use case”, so you may want to use the Curve card for everyday spending instead and get your limit increased first!


The way I read curve card ‘was its one card for all your accounts’ - sounds like google or android pay… but with the extra plastic and account. And you still have to switch accounts using an app and then pay by plastic. apple pay just seems easier. I’m not sure what market this would be targeted at to make them grow. Those with smart phones would have google/apple pay already? unless they like the idea of plastic cards.

I do like the back in time option tho. Thats nice.

Agreed. I used to like and use curve, but after I discovered google pay, i don’t use it anymore. The cash-back is too small as an adequate incentive.

Think Curve has just removed the last reason to use the service?

(Unless Novelty is your thing.)

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