Customer service 🤩

I’ve not seen you mention any issues in this topic?

Probably because I only log in once or twice in a year these days to see what new features are in the works or to track the progress of a bug. I’ve barely been on here since 2021-ish, largely for the reasons I mentioned.

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Yeah but what I mentioned was in your saying that you get mobbed but if by your own admission you don’t post often then how is this happening? The only issues the other guy had as had been mentioned by numerous people was that he was literally ignoring the actual answer to the issue he brought up.

I’d disagree with your view on holding shares. Ignoring issues is problematic. People with a stake in a company should be looking to see that company improve not ignore potential issues

time didn’t start in 2021, when I said “since 2021” I implicitly meant that I was online a lot before 2021. I left around the same time as a lot of other regulars who were getting annoyed for much the same reasons and I still see it happening from time to time when I come back.

I’m not sure what you mean in your second paragraph. I agree ignoring problems is problematic and that share holders should be encouraging improvement, but what “should” happen is not always the same as what “actually” happens.

I’m just saying what I see. You are of course free to disagree


No worries. I just didn’t think the analysis applied here, hopefully things have changed since your last experience. But it’s the internet and I guess there’s always going to be a few issues now and then :smile:

Hi All, I have sent my enquiry in apps chat two times and also emailed to Freetrade but got no reply. I hope any of you / CS can give me advice.

I need the transaction proof for my mortgage application. I transferred out all my money on 18 Feb, the monthly statement hasn’t shown the transaction. Although the activity record shows the transaction, the csv format without Freetrade logo/info, is not accepted as an official document. Please advise how to get an official proof that the transaction was to a particular bank account, or proof this account is linked to my particular bank account. Or kindly advise me how to reach the CS.

Many thanks.

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If you reach out to someone should be able to produce a letter confirming the transaction. Wouldn’t you also have evidence from your bank statements?


Thank you for your reply, Alex.
I have emailed to on Monday but haven’t got any reply so far. My bank statement shows the transaction was from FreeTrade, so the mortgage lender requested for a FreeTrade statement showing that transaction.
Appreciate if you can advise the next step. This is the only document I owe for the mortgage application, others are all set.