Darktrace - DARK - Share Chat

This is a really interesting stock and one I believe will do really well once it lands on the LSE soon. Reading the article below though does make me wonder about the involvement of Mr Lynch and if that could effect their chances. To me it is not an issue at all but am interested to hear if anyone has any other views on it.

This is definitely one I will go fairly big on if we get access on launch.


I am really looking forward to this and have a lot of faith long term. Poppy also seems a very good front to the company in regards to the Mr Lynch aspect/worry. :+1:

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Got an email from HL saying this will start trading on the LSE tomorrow from 8am:

As you’ve signed up for our IPO alerts, we’re letting you know one of our 5 IPO rumours for 2021, Darktrace, will start trading on the London Stock Exchange from 8am tomorrow.

As there wasn’t a retail offer made available as part of the IPO, this will be the first chance for retail investors to buy shares in the company.

Investors can deal the shares through HL once there’s a live market price.

Initially the shares can only be bought in a Fund and Share Account. Due to ISA and pension rules you’ll need to wait until 8am 6 May before you can buy Darktrace shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).


I hope it comes to FreeTrade bloody quickly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I won’t buy instant but not too long after.


Hello - would like to see Darktrace listed as soon as they IPO if possible

This and Roblox are going to be my two long holds, very excited for the future!


Sounds like we have the same plans! :grinning:

I would like buy Darktrace and Roblox. Would be very nice if freetrade put both of them on
Rovlox on the 10th match

Hoping we get this nice and early as I reckon this is a very good bet :+1:



I’ve used this a while back and it’s really good technology so I would be up for this at the right price

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Is this being added to freetrade? Eta?

Just been added but order is being rejected?


I’m just nervous not to do a Coinbase and jump in too early :man_facepalming: I don’t even like Coinbase but wanted a small portion but do like this stock :+1:



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Looks like the dip happened maybe?

This is live on your app


Investigating this now.

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Same here. Has anyone been able to buy yet?

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