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going in the right direction

39% up for me

Worth investing for the cool name, surely?! :grinning:


Up 76% since launch isn’t too bad at all :stuck_out_tongue:



In other news

Darktrace is to ”…publish a brief trading update at 7am on Thursday 15 July 2021.”

Genuine question. What should we look forward to?

Decent revenue growth. Up this morning. Y’all doing good :rocket:


I ponded over this company and decided to buy into SentinelOne instead.

I also opted to get into an IT Security ETF so i had a wider exposure in this sector.

This is by far my best stock, up 50% since i bought in and ive averaged up three times. Just aswell because its carrying my arb shite :man_facepalming::joy:


I can’t help thinking of this



Doing well again. Any predictions on future movement? Worth adding at this price?

Likely shoot up another 50-80% within the next 14 days, then bomb back down to stabilise at around £7 or 8

That’s a very bold and specific prediction… Brb in 14 days when it’s completely wrong! :wink:

Still going strongly :muscle::sunglasses:

:rofl: it very well may be. Tbh it’s more like wishful thinking, but let’s hope for the best!

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So what are we really looking at :sunglasses::muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Realistically what average price could we see :thinking:

I don’t know whether to be chuffed or annoyed at my 100% investment gain. Was looking to drip-feed money into Darktrace.


… And i don’t know if i should dump some of my arb stock, stick the money into darktrace and increase my average a bit :thinking:

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One of the few shares in my LSE portfolio that’s done well up 100%

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I still think that DARK has room to grow. The sector is booming and they’ve announced that they’ve hit 5,600 customers, revenues of $278m (in $ for comparisons), a 40% increase. Crowdstrike (a competitor) hit nearly 10k customers and yearly revenues of $874.4 million, an 82% increase. I actually believe that DARK’s product is a better, and when comparing to Crowdstrike i’ve set my exit point at £12

That would put their mcap at ~£8.3bn. I don’t think that’s so unrealistic for the sector


I think you jinxed us mate :roll_eyes::pensive: