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I have high hopes for them as well. While I know less than most, I see a worst case scenario of them being bought by the competition rather than them failing. So I’ll be investing more into them for sure.

Glitch with the app? Darktrace share price isn’t updating.

Same with mine was hoping it would update if you try to buy, hadn’t updated price don’t know how to fix it!!

Doesn’t look like anything is updating right now.

Aye definitely something wrong with it but seems sorted now. Did a trade and got latest pricing though which is more important so minor glitch.

Does anyone else think this could this be related to Invoke Capital (Mike Lynch) being able to sell this week?


That’s what I was thinking down 16% wished I held out from buying at around 900 last week.

If you’re doing it for the long haul, then perhaps it’s nothing to worry about.

Maybe even an opportunity to add some more shares to the collection.


Tried to buy the dip, got a ton of rejected orders though.

It’s also moving from the FTSE 250 to the FTSE 100 this week.


Guarantee if I buy more now it will drop further and if I don’t it will bounce back.


Peel hunt moved it to a sell so explains some of the movement today. I bought some on the dip took a few goes to go through.

Price target of 473p…

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Manipulation prior to FTSE 100 entry IMO. Dropped to allow big buyers a lower entry point. I expect it to finish above 800p today.

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Looks like it. Bought in more at 720 still down by 10% but better than earlier.

Bought in more at 800, missed the lower dip but hoping to still see a rise.

Bought some more when it went really, really low. Then of course, it went even lower :slight_smile:


Nearly a £1000 down on my portfolio and Down on this too, I’ve decided I’m not very good at this game :pensive:


Picking stock is hard. If you’re going this for fun then keep going you’ll get a winner sooner of later. If how ever you’re planning for the future and trying to build wealth then the slow boring route is great for building a portfolio.


I keep getting sucked into squeezes :roll_eyes: ATER MRNA OCGN AND HOOD, hopefully they will rise :thinking::+1::ok_hand:

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