DeadHappy Crowdfunding

I signed up for the crowdfunding round and got the deck. It looks interesting and I might invest. Has anyone used the offering? Is it good?..It’s life insurance Really Easy Life Insurance, Get Covered Today, Get DeadHappy


I signed up for early access to the crowdfunding. How did you get the deck?

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I don’t think the deck is available just yet. Can only found link with some info via Seedrs: DeadHappy | Crowdfunding Campaign | Seedrs

No target or company valuation yet…but a bit of company data:

  • 255% : Revenue growth. (July 20 vs. July 19)
  • 119,627 ‘death wishes’…sounds odd but cool I guess
  • £1bn inssured

+backed by octopus and e.venture

I guess they have a business here, which is good. Will see if the deal is good when I see the company value vs. share equity offered…


The deck is available for those who got early access. Looks a strong offer and will dig deeper.

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i dont know the valuation and I await the pitch before deciding, but personally I would be inclined to not touch this with a barge pole.

I feel the name is not light-hearted and fun, it is just inappropriate and dumb, and the fact that they need to explain their name in their advert is a big issue for me.

Their £1bn insured amount is sales puff, in reality their sales will be near zero. I question how many national tv ads and how much cost it takes to get those small sales.

Unless it’s super catchy advertising and it quickly cash flows like MoonPig then it’s going to flop if it’s relying on tv ads to grow. I saw the ad before even seeing this opportunity and I thought ‘jeez this is awful, how is this a business?’. They have seen Beagle Street targeting ‘simps’ to protect their families and thought “we could do that too!”.

I have been waiting for years with bated breath for Farewill to crowdfund, and while solid businesses that can scale keep doing private rounds we crowdfunders just keep getting steaming piles up for grabs which are going to go bankrupt.

The fact that they are backed by VCs means very little to me. I understand there are occasions where the management choose to have both VCS and crowdfunders to build brand awareness (eg. Monzo, Revolut), but without knowing more info I am inclined to think that these lot have had a tiny seed round and then the VC has declined to invest any further.

I am still to see all the docs though so take my opinions with a pinch of salt.

Kind of the opposite for me. Looking at their pitch, financials and seeing that this category is still open for some major disruption, I think it’s a good opportunity.


Looks like Octopus invested twice in DeadHappy. Likely £1.5m back in 2018 (from their ARs) and then with £4m with (DeadHappy secures £4 million Series A investment led by and Octopus Ventures – UK Tech Investment News).

…Octopus owns 32% / e.venture 18%

I guess they got their business idea right if some people hate it and other think it’s cool …just like Marmite.