DeadHappy Crowdfunding

I signed up for the crowdfunding round and got the deck. It looks interesting and I might invest. Has anyone used the offering? Is it good?..It’s life insurance


I signed up for early access to the crowdfunding. How did you get the deck?

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I don’t think the deck is available just yet. Can only found link with some info via Seedrs:

No target or company valuation yet…but a bit of company data:

  • 255% : Revenue growth. (July 20 vs. July 19)
  • 119,627 ‘death wishes’…sounds odd but cool I guess
  • £1bn inssured

+backed by octopus and e.venture

I guess they have a business here, which is good. Will see if the deal is good when I see the company value vs. share equity offered…


The deck is available for those who got early access. Looks a strong offer and will dig deeper.

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