Dedicated channels and how we’re scaling support for you, 15th Feb 2021

That was just during the height of the GameStop game, when the whole trading system had to tap the brakes (not just an issue for Freetrade). Trading is fine now. I bought two US stocks on Friday.

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@Thor it’s back now, was only off for less than a day

@FailedTuringTest the issue was more that they pushed an in-app message that it’d been closed (understandable) but used a forum post to let us know it’d been re-enabled (inexcusable)

Taking on board the feedback here, thanks for sharing.

We’ll always try and improve how, when and where share important comms with you.

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appreciate the acknowledgement - it really was not appropriate messaging and it need to be addressed internally

How quickly are people experiencing replies since we’ve switched over to email?

Can only speak to my experience but I made a request to move cash from GIA to ISA yesterday morning. No response yet. If you have a query outside the standard categories they are saying 5-7 working days for a response. Not great when money is at stake. Hopefully quick improvements to come.

I made the same request this morning. It’s really disappointing to know it’s unlikely to land tomorrow. I researched a lot over the weekend a list of stocks i want to invest in and the longer i wait the more the prices all change.

Exactly. I lost out on a 2.5% gain today. Not big in the grand scheme and I’m not using the app for day trading but it is irritating all the same.

Hey welcome!
Btw Nationwide had a bit of a problem with TrueLayer, all fixed now after Nationwide updated their app.
Just thought I would let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m also having trouble transferring cash from bank (Nat West) to FT SIPP. Truelayer opens the bank app but the transfer fails. Not been an issue previously.

Workaround is to change the reference code (from my ISA to my SIPP) manually and push manually from the bank app.

Not sure if the issue is FT, Truelayer or the bank so reporting it at both places.