Deepmatter Group (DMTR) 💻 🧪

Ground-breaking tech to make chemical reactions reproducible & analysable, building huge data libraries of the results. Tech application will be used primarily to save pharma costs when developing new drugs.

Already collaborating with Astrazeneca.

Listed on the AIM.

Some info on the AZN tie up:


Pretty good overview video on the company here.

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Really cool piece on what Deepmatter are up to and how to use their tech. I think this is super interesting propsect!

Hey it’s me! Still banging the :drum:

:trophy: Nobel prize winning Scientist Frances Arnold has had to retract her prize winning paper as the results cannot be replicated from current data. Had they used DeepMatter this work could have been replicable…

Seriously huge untapped market, especially in the drug development sector. This is still a penny stock (trades at around 2p per share!). How long would you wait as a pharma boss before taking this tech off the table from your competitors?

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What have they been doing all these years? They floated in 2006! I’m assuming there’s been several changes in direction since then?

Pretty much ran from the University of Glasgow up to 2014/15.

New board as of last year to push then forwards. Now working with AZN and Uni of Leeds.

Out of interest, if I was to consider buying this (or other stock) that aren’t currently offered on Freetrade, which brokers would you recommend (asking anyone - I’m new to all this!)
Thanks for any advice!

I have a sneaking suspicion it will be added soon. Pretty sure @Viktor wants me out of his dms :wink:

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Great - thank you!

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I took a closer look at this after my previous comment. Their market cap is £16M. They’re practically pre-revenue, their only revenue has been from an acquisition. Although their H1 2019 results indicated they should have revenue in H2.

There are a handful of trades a day, I would not trade something this illiquid without using limit orders, something Freetrade is yet to offer. I do invest in risky pre-revenue companies (hello Freetrade), but only when there’s S/EIS tax breaks involved.

Part of my portfolio is tilted to huge risk - this falls right into my criteria.

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Really interesting

Doesn’t seem to be available on many platforms for trading

Try here

and search for DMTR

or jump straight to

Currently your cheapest option is likely DeGiro

Yes please. +1

Up about 60% since I posted that :sob:

This stock was available to buy but now its listed as only available to premium members. Does free-trade change buy options on a monthly basis as I’m not wanting to pay 9.99 a month just to buy Into deepmatter.

This is a penny stock and will likely remain plus only. The Freetrade Plus page shows what indices are available on the free and plus tiers.

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Anyone got tips on getting a price update?