Deepverge PLC Ord 0.1P DVRG

Deepverge is a scientific research and AI-as-a-Service company focused on the analysis of bacteria, viruses and toxins.

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@sampoullain Deepverge should be available on GIA, please! Do any stocks on Plus migrate to GIA?

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Thanks. Oh, yeh I forgot, only top AIM 100 on the GIA. Darn it!

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Anyone got this stock? It sounds an interesting, innovative group of companies, though could look better financially:
Jul 02

Full year 2020 earnings released: UK£0.021 loss per share (vs UK£0.028 loss in FY 2019)

The company reported a solid full year result with improved revenues and control over costs, although losses increased.

Full year 2020 results:

  • Revenue: UK£4.48m (up 445% from FY 2019).
  • Net loss: UK£2.72m (loss widened 20% from FY 2019).
    ~ SimplyWallStreet