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Any chance this stock will be added?

No chance. :thinking:

They are rumoured to go public. So there is a chance.

Financial Times: Latest fundraising values Deliveroo at more than $7bn.

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The growth of online takeaway/orders has been exceptional since the pandemic. But with some light at the end of the tunnel, what will the end of the pandemic translate to for such companies when restaurants begin to re-open and there is a resurgence of restaurant bookings to dine-in?


I am new to Freetrade, so I’m unsure how it works with IPOs getting listed on the app.

It seems that Deliveroo will IPO on the 8th of March 2020 on LSE (IPO Calendar - Best upcoming IPOs to track in 2021 | Freetrade). I am wondering if that means it will be available on the Freetrade app on the 8th of March 2020 at exactly 8 am at which the London Stoch Exchange opens?

Also, will this be a Freetrade Plus membership only stock?

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It will be available on the 8th for all users as it’s an IPO.

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Lots of interesting IPO’s due the coming month it seems.


Will this be a Freetrade Plus stock? Are IPOs usually Freetrade Plus only?

Nope it will be available to all users and is not exclusive to Plus.


How long do IPOs stay free for on this app?

Forever, unless they become constituents of any of these indices:


IPOs of this size would eventually be added to the FTSE 350.

What happens if you hold shares in a general account and this was to happen? Are you forced to sell them or can you continue to hold but not buy anymore?

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Same as if you buy using + and the cancel your subscription currently - you can hold & sell but not buy anymore.


Dear @Viktor and other investors,

Thank you for your message, and I am definitely up for purchasing Deliveroo IPO. I have few questions hope you don’t mind:

  1. As I read that it will be available on the 8th, am I right to assume that on Monday 8am, what I have to do is go to my freetrade app, and go to the bottom “discover” section, and type “Deliveroo”, then I will be able to see the purchase option? Am I right?

  2. As I know IPO means it is not available to trade for the public, does that mean the IPO price will be the same for everyone anytime? Or it will be fluctuated like in the LIVE market depends the buy and sell timing?

  3. Once we purchased the shares from Deliveroo IPO, have we got a date when we could start trading?

Thank you!



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Hi @happyhapoy987

As with all major IPOs, we will definitely add this stock as soon as we can after it hits the secondary market.

  1. Despite earlier rumours, this isn’t IPO’ing on Monday 8th March after all:
  1. When we list it, it will be available at the price it enters the market at, which may not be the price the IPO was listed at before shares hit the secondary market. There is an article here that explains this in more depth, although one or two nuances are US-specific:
  1. See earlier answers. The stock will be on the secondary market, and tradeable in exactly the same way as any other security.

Hope that all helps!


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From 8 March, any Deliveroo customer who has placed an order will also be able to register their interest in applying for shares in the planned flotation using the company’s app under an offer dubbed “great food with a side of shares”.

If the float goes ahead, customers will be able to apply for shares via the PrimaryBid website. Each customer will be able to apply for up to £1,000 of shares. :eyes::hamburger: