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@troguk Copy pasting large parts of text from elsewhere is often a violation of copyright and bad form.

Putting in a link is good. If you thought something was particularly noteworthy e.g. ‘Profit up 23%’ or you are adding insight 'this beat analyst expectations by 50% ’ add that as an incentive to click on your link.

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Sorry about that, thought i was keeping it brief taking the financial highlights only. Will edit down the original post.


Are we able to vote in the AGM even though we have nominee shares?

Freetrade do not support voting on corporate actions at the moment.

Thanks for your prompt response :+1:

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It says these are on “conditional trading” currently and may take 3 days to settle.

What does that mean.

Sure I understand what “may take 3 days to settle” means, but what is conditional trading.

Roll-out of new platform strengthens Deliveroo’s existing advertising revenue stream
Deliveroo aims to reach an adjusted EBITDA margin (as % of GTV) of 4%+ by 2026, with further upside potential beyond 2026


I bought these at nearly £4 per share. Gamble did not pay off. 80p a share seems harsh

Seems fair - what was your justification it would improve at £4?

What does deliveroo offer as a USP? that no-one else can offer, that disripts the market?

You bought at probably the highest point (lemmie guess, mid lockdown), and you thought that might last?

I don’t think much has fundamentally changed since I posted this in June 21.

I bought pre float and think it was 3.85 a share. I just thought they might do well. My bad

Once October kicks in I would expect companies like this to take a big hit as people cut back over the winter months

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Personally I find companies such as this one to be companies that would flourish at the time of the lockdowns, but in all fairness, that would be their only high point.

Not intended as investment advice, just my own personal thoughts

Did nobody think this would be a PR disaster? BNPL for a pizza? When we look back in 20 years this is the sort of thing the next generation won’t believe we did.

I could add to this that they build a business with almost no moat. From this, it looks like they have to continue to win their next order as loyalty is basically not a thing for delivery apps.

Shutting down in Australia with immediate effect. They launched in Australia at the end of 2015.

The article mentions the regulatory environment a lot. Some of the regulatory drive seems misguided, I think lots of couriers are on all the apps, they can’t be treated as employees of all the firms can they?

Deliveroo do the same thing as half a dozen other apps. What’s their moat? The eateries they have signed up and the barrier to entry that represents? So there’s clearly some first mover advantage but worrying that having launched 7 years ago they see no path to profitability there.

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One of the food delivery companies is profitable. I cant remember which or how profitable.
Moreover they are creating there own kitchens.

I think this is the point where not only will they be profitable but they will also have bit of a moat.
New delivery companies would struggle to complete. Basically an oligopoly. And further destruction of the high street.

That’ll be one of the issues.
'roo will view themselves as a provider and the drivers are self employed.
However the regulations are going to set them as employees…how is a driver going to be classed as an employee of multiple companies? There’s going to be lawsuits and accusations aplenty. So they’re getting out of the kitchen before the restaurant burns down.

Be interesting how this comes over in the UK where the same thing happens.

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If the same thing happens. No guarantee that it will happen in the UK. it could happen in different way ie without the government stepping in. Minimum wages for drivers claiming that they are full time employees.
I think thats the route uber drivers went down. If they do those that are working for multiple firms who want the benefits will have to pick one.