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Or there’s a massive problem with Spanish regulations. Hmmm

A nice bit of momentum this last 2 days

Volume of 6,500,000 on Monday alone, that’s the third highest since IPO and almost 3 times high than normal. Wonder who came to the table to play?

We’ll find out soon!

one reason for the jump

UK Court of Appeal confirms Deliveroo riders are self employed | Reuters

and the other being Delivery Hero has taken a 5% stake


Finally within touching distance of breaking even on this :pray:


HWFG ( almost )

What’s the plan when you’ve broken even? You dumping / trimming or buying more? @Jim_mcgrain

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Holding for now, if / when £4.50 is reached that would do me I think.

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Hi! I’m new to playing this game. I bought just 30 little shares in Deliveroo at the start and am now up 36%. Does anyone have any tips on when to start selling? Or is it all a matter of personal targets? Thanks

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It’s :100: your own decision. No one could or should be giving you a target.
:freetrade: wants to encourage long-term investing and holding, rather than day trading behaviour. That said, it’s up to you. Some people want a quick profit and that’s fine. I think of the stock market as kind of like a casino. I know I can lose everything. Some stocks are generally more stable than others, though.

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Got the shares at ipo for 3:90 , so gald I sold this when it went back to 3.90, broke even . Seems the price is dropping everyday

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Just in case anyone wants some bedtime reading, 224 pages of the IPO prospectus.

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