Deposited 3 times only 2 deposits arrived

Hi all, I sent 3 deposits today and 2 of them has arrived.
This was 7hrs ago.

Hi @7iain7

You’re best bet is to reach out in the app to support if you’re a :freetrade: :plus_: member if not email

Thank you for your reply, have contact them.

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I contacted customer support 9am this should have resolved my now, doesn’t inspire confidence

Plenty of other platforms to go and use :+1:

Nasty reply

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@Nicko come on, that’s not helpful.

@7iain7 They’re normally fairly quick to reply, I wonder if there was something from your bank after sending 3 transactions in a short space of time?


Money has been taken from my bank account:
I do get a little concerned by these things.
A little bit of a back story about myself l.
I got in very early in bitcoin.
I started solo mining in 2010. By 2011 I had quite a bit of btc.
Back then the wallets where very buggy.
If you shutdown the pc before closing the wallet it would corrupt the wallet. This actually happened with the result of the loss 50btc (a block at the time)
So many of us started using an online wallet called mybitcoin it turned out to be a scam.
I had over 400 btc on there at the time.
I quess this has made me very nervous lol.

I’m 7iain7 in this forum taking about the scam:

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Jesus! That’s terrible!

:freetrade: are FCA refused and completely safe so don’t worry too much but understand while you’d be nervous.

When fund leave your account they’re essentially in clearing for a few days so isn’t ‘gone’

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Sorry if I come across a sharp.
They above did change me, not so trusting

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Thank you Neil

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What NeilB said could be likely.

Muliple transactions (plus also individual large transactions) can often trigger up flags within a bank’s fraud department, who can freeze the transaction from until they can determine it is genuine (ie. yourself). I would give them a call to check while waiting for a response from your email. (Note: it would need to be your bank’s fraud department/team specifically, the normal customer services wouldn’t be able to help)

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I think you meant FCA approved here… :rofl:


Also lost bitcoin MtGox

Guess I’m a ‘bit’ unlucky. Lol

You could be right about multiple transactions.
I never used to do multiple transactions until I started buying UK stock.
I would top up my account so I could buy one more share.

Contacted my bank this morning, no problem their end payment has gone though.

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payment has just been received.

Thank guys for your help, Neil especially.
Great community!


You’re very welcome @7iain7

If you stumble across anything interesting or have a view on a stock you’ll find plenty of keen ears here.

Welcome aboard.

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