Desktop Metal ($DM)

SimplyWallSt has Scorpio Tankers as 86.5% undervalued. I’m sure there are others. Yes, take SWS with a pinch of salt. I think DM will do well long term though. DYOR.

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New acquisition for DM:

Another acquisition, but WS did not react kindly to the latest ER…
Slow burner into 2022

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At an all time low…

There’s likely to have been a lot of tax loss harvesting going on over the past few weeks. You could see a rally into the new year as people buy back in (Wash-Sale Rule). Good to be cautionary though as there’s no recent news out and fewer short term positive calalysts. I’ve got a position built out otherwise I’d be looking to av down

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is any action required from smaller private investors ? - I have no clue about class action lawsuits, how they work and potential settlements ? Does anyone else know ?


Desktop metal is 25% of my portfolio.

Desktop Metal Qualifies Commercially Pure Copper for Additive Manufacturing on the Production System - Desktop Metal Qualifies Commercially Pure Copper for Additive Manufacturing on the Production System | Business Wire

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Guys, Check out

“I think where we go next is to compete with conventional manufacturing,” Fulop said, noting the production volumes now possible. “We’re trying to enable the adoption of additive at scale for production of end-use parts. I’m proud of the fact that some of our customers are small businesses, and they get a return on investment and can actually make money with this equipment. That’s really what will enable broad adoption of this technology.”


Guys and girls,

Good news Desktop metal shipped P50

Average down or move on?

Earning update expected before open on Tuesday


-23% down in pre market on earnings. Financing at this point is looking worrying. Very realistic chance this stock continues to drop if the company itself doesn’t become an acquisition target. Short selling could cripple innovative companies that offer a solution to supply chain and inflation pressures

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"BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE: DM), a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, and Lumafield, a startup offering the world’s first accessible industrial X-ray CT platform, today announced a complete solution to help manufacturers quickly and accurately produce high-demand parts with an easy system to scan and 3D print.

“Manufacturers have wanted to replace legacy fabrication processes with 3D printing for a long time, but digitalization of parts has been a barrier”

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Stanley Druckenmiller:“I like putting all my eggs in one basket and then watching the basket very carefully.”

Most important question, what is your cost basis?

Sharing with you my cost basis isn’t gonna tell the whole story. And the pain I went through holding on to my desktop metal shares. I have spent one whole year averaging down and watching my desktop metal shares crash. $11 per share to $5 to as low as $1.26 per share!

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“•Record revenue of $57.7 million, up 204% from second quarter 2021, and an increase of 32% sequentially from first quarter 2022
GAAP gross margin of 14.6%; non-GAAP gross margin of 26.7%, increasing over 170 basis points from second quarter 2021
•Announced Strategic Integration and Cost Optimization Initiative to accelerate AM 2.0 growth, support path to profitability, and drive value to shareholders
•Unveiled FreeFoam, a revolutionary, expandable 3D printable resin designed for volume production of foam parts
•Reaffirming full year 2022 guidance of approximately $260 million for revenue, representing 131% growth from 2021, and approximately $(90) million for adjusted EBITDA”

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Stratasys Is in Talks to Buy 3D Printer Desktop Metal

Insider recently bought $19M DM stock (source: Simply Wall St.).