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Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has filed to go public:

• 2020 revenue of $21.6bn :moneybag:
• Uber owns 12.8% of shares :handshake:
• Didi could be valued at $100bn :bank:

Update: this stock will IPO on Thursday 1st July 2021:

Capital at risk


Bad news for shareholders if the article is accurate.


I can’t imagine Uber being pulled from the App Store but they might just behave better if it was a real threat. It’ll be a rocky start for anyone holding DIDI at market open.

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China is opaque. I hold the Chinese megatechs like Alibaba and Tencent, but I’m not adding any more to Chinese positions because I have no idea what the political/regulatory whims of the communist party are. I was never interested in Didi anyway, because I’m not convinced the Uber/Lyft model delivers profits.

I don’t know why they would crack down on Didi, a Chinese company with a mainly Chinese user base. If they are gathering too much personal data, surely it’s all be held and available to party eyes in China.


@Squirrelnutkin here is the original thread for DiDi which has now been updated on the app.

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$DIDI 2020 revenue: $21.6B, Current MC $60B
$UBER 2020 revenue: $11.1B Current MC $90B

$DIDI Q1 2021: $6.4B (18.5% growth over avg of 2020) with a profit.
$UBER Q1 2021: $2.9B (4.5% growth over avg of 2020) with a loss.

These numbers make this stock good value