Difference between stock price graph & price change today

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In the BT example the today /1D filter tells me BT is up .33%, but the graph tells me it’s down (by a similar amount). Which is correct ? Or am I reading this wrong? Or are there delays in the graph updating?



You’re not the only person to ask about this so I’ve moved this to it’s own topic to make the answer to this question easier to find :slight_smile:

This one’s a bit confusing - the percentage for the stock price graph is calculated based on the price when the market closed on the previous day, whereas the first point on the graph is today’s opening price. Since the price will change in after-hours trading, there’s often a difference between the two prices.

We’re planning to improve this in the future!


Thanks Alex. Interestingly, I looked at ten other random UK stocks and the percentage change under the price corresponds to what is on the y-axis in all of them. It seems like the issue is only with BT :slight_smile:

Huh that must be a coincidence, this is 3i for example and what we’d generally expect to see -

3i is an odd one, look at this :sweat_smile:

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