Different name on bank account

Hi - can anyone advise on whether they’ve had the same problem I have when setting up an account. I signed up using my married name, which is a double-barrelled surname of my maiden name and my partner’s surname. All of my bank accounts/passport etc are in my maiden name, ie the first part of the double-barrelled surname.

Freetrade have let me deposit money, make trades etc before now deciding that they can’t verify my bank account because the name doesn’t match the one on my Freetrade account. A simple fix would simply be to let me change my name on my Freetrade account but no, not possible apparently.

So I can’t withdraw funds. I can’t verify my bank account. I find it scandalous that they’ve allowed me to deposit money but not withdraw. Anyone else had this issue? It’s been dragging on for weeks and I’m at my wits’ end because they don’t seem to be able to resolve it - and in the meantime I can’t access my money.

Hi Hannah

I’m sorry to hear about this issue. I’ve flagged it to our customer service team for someone to look into and we’ll get back to you asap.


Hi Alex, thank you.

Not to be “that” person but I have sent dozens of messages to numerous customer service reps/ even your complaints department in the last few weeks.

Seems no-one can resolve the issue. My legal name, which I’m told is required, is the one on my bank statement, which I’ve provided. The name I set my Freetrade account up in has a double-barrelled surname as I got married. But that’s not my legal name and the inability to change this on the app - which would be a simple fix and allow me to easily solve this issue - is ridiculous. What happens if someone sets up an account and accidentally misspells their name, for example? I’m stuck in a v.frustrating limbo with no access to my money

Hi Hannah

I’ve spoken to customer service and they’re looking at your case to see what we can do to resolve this. In brief, we set limitations around changing your name because we need to be able to verify your identity and pass checks that we’re required to carry out as a regulated business. We will probably require additional documents and checks in order to change your name to make sure we’re confident that you’re account is secure. While this can understandably be frustrating when you are genuinely the person who set up the account, these checks are in place to keep your money safe.

Thanks for bearing with us and hopefully someone will get back to you shortly.


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