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Well even if they added this it’s not one to buy far to much risk. This will go back down soon it hasn’t even got a product yet.

I don’t think it’s about the company any longer, it’s trading like a cryptocurrency which Trump supporters can concentrate around.

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Because the whole platform has been built to build wealth, the secret sauce to achieve this is to avoid emotional / day / swing trading.

Maybe if you want all the extremely high risk stocks another platform would be better. As this is designed more around longterm investing not day or swing trading.


The funniest thing about truth social is that the T&Cs say you can’t criticise the platform and many other things so you can ONLY promote Trump and his views :man_facepalming: It will be a badge of honour for some but the vast majority won’t want to admit to liking him.

I’d bet he has a way to not lose money when it eventually goes down and many investors will be out of pocket like most of his failed businesses. RISKY bet.



There is an appetite for people to be able to swing day trade in FT, but I get the impression from this forum that FT isn’t for that form of trading and discourage users / debates on stocks that are volatile/meme type for trading in FT.

It’s not just about meme stocks. There have been other right place right time stocks like diagnostics company Novacyt at the start of the pandemic, which Freetrade did not add to their platform until over 7 months after the start of COVID when a lot of the gains had already been made. Not everything that moves fast is a meme, it can simply be a case of, hi, we’re Netflix, we used to rent DVDs by post but now we are moving to VOD - BOOM - freetrade onboard it 7 months after the initial move up?

I don’t know about the underlying complexities of adding all LSE/NYSE/NASDAQ stocks in one go, but if I was CEO of Freetrade this would be my number one priority, and the fast addition of new IPOs my second highest priority. Easier said than done, sure. Could I build a platform with 1million clients - probably not. But i’m just trying to convey constructive criticism as a frustrated FT user, because this problem with the platform has prevailed for many years now and I don’t see any sign of it changing. @Viktor @sampoullain @adam


Also if someone wants to own this Trump Media & Technology SPAC because they believe it could execute a successful social media product, and maybe Trump TV, VOD, whatever, then it’s not for any platform to tell them this is a meme stock and other stocks are more sensible. The user may genuinely like the stock and believe in the business plan. Platforms should be agnostic.


Can DWAC be added to Freetrade asap?

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200% up in one day, shame none of my brokers have this ticker!

Definitely needs adding ASAP

Thread already here [Request] Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) - Trump Media & Technology :us: SPAC

Looks like someone really screwed up the valuation on this one, either than or the MAGA crowd have decided this is a great investment

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Probably be back at 10 in a few weeks this is fomo on steroids. It’s going to be a big dump on anyone buying into it at these prices.

Sorry about the duplicate post, really wish i knew about this IPO before today, would have definitely posted it as soon as i knew

It’s not an IPO, it’s a SPAC

It’s live :grinning:


You beat us to it, @Optimisery :wink:


This stock is annoying :rofl: on the 1 hand I want to make a quick profit but the other I don’t want to help promote a hate filled platform :man_facepalming: :thinking:


You’re okay on the later point - they’ll never deliver the platform. Trump will make £250m when the merger happens - he’ll loose all interest after that.

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So true! but I don’t want to help pump the price for his pockets…but I do want to make a quick buck :rofl: I’ll find other avenues I guess :stuck_out_tongue: