Discover - All Securities - does not show all securities

When going into Discover, all securities, the app presents a list which stops at TR Property. It doesn’t show all securities.

Seems like the list is limited to a set number of items which is less than the size of the stock universe.

Maybe time for a rethink and UI overhaul?

Goes all the way to the bottom for me? Do you use Android?

I’m using android and the list also stops for me at TR Property when scrolling to the bottom.

Yes, android…

I updated this morning, so I am on the latest version.

I’m not sure how sustainable it is to have a list when the universe could grow to 10,000+ items. I’d much rather have an in-built stock screener with better filtering to make the list more manageable.

iOS for me so that does explain the discrepancy. Maybe raise it as a bug with support?

Android user - finishes at Sumo Group for me. Though the stock list is so long I’m pretty unlikely to rabdomly scroll through it now, so I agree with @caribo that it’s time for a UI update

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Thanks for letting us know. We’re updating this now and will have a release out ASAP!

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