Display frozen stocks in app


Please make untradable stocks searchable in app, but grey it out. Currently, the stocks are either not put on platform, or are removed from view. It would allow us to follow stocks, especially if we currently have holdings in them through freetrade.

Examples of such stocks are (apologies if these are not accurate):

  • Just eat - company currently being taken over
  • BAE/easyJet - requiring nationality declarations for transactions (currently not possible in app, but maybe in future?)
  • Debenhams - company going into administration
  • Eurasia mining - suspended trading on exchange while undergoing investigations
  • Other corporate events that I can’t think of at the moment

The suggestion is that when you click on the stock you can find out why it is currently not tradable, but having the ability to add it to your watchlist to monitor it.

STRETCH GOAL - putting in stocks from other exchanges and make them voteable/linked to forum posts

Is there anything I’ve missed that should be considered or make the idea better? I’m terrible at Photoshop otherwise I would have mocked up what it could look like.

Also, what are the arguements for not having it? I can only think of one: people getting confused by why it’s in the app but not able to trade - maybe the app can link them to a wiki/help page to understand.

From discussions in other threads, this issue comes up regularly, all you have to do is search “removed” or “nationality declaration” in the forum. Thanks @saf for giving me a kick to start the separate thread for the idea.

Cheers guys, LET’S DO THIS :muscle:

note to self: add GIFs to appeal to the insta generation

Thanks :slight_smile: I think they should only show up in the search, perhaps greyed out a bit or with a icon.

Some other benefits would be it lets Freetrade gain visibility on which of the unavailable stocks people search, click on, then watch. When they are watching the stock it can give Freetrade a chance to contact the customer when it’s available in the app, therefore tailoring the announcement of new stocks more than just a list of new stocks which is impersonal.

Another argument for this is, the forum has only a fraction of the total customers Freetrade has, so giving the customers not on the forum a chance to have a say with searching, clicking, watching can only be a good thing.