Diversified Energy Company πŸ”‹ πŸ”Œ - DEC

Β£1.40 was where it was heading before Bloomberg killed it, but if it reaches Β£1.50 at some point soon, I could live with that.

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So people seemed to listed to Peel Hunt when they said Darktrace was overvalued let’s see if they listen again and send this one back up.


Anybody got their dividend yet? Was due yesterday.

I had two other dividends yesterday but not this as i remember it took a couple of extra days last time to.

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Not got mine yet, but I’ve had all my others, so probably just a slight delay.


Jefferies starts coverage on the oil and gas producer
DEC.L with β€œbuy” rating and price target of 160p, which
implies ~58% upside to stock’s last close

and a nice dividend while we wait

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Has anyone had there latest dividend paid?

Not yet, but I’m sure last quarter it was a day or two slow as well so perhaps this is normal for this one.

Thought it had just dropped but it was something else,carry on

Still Not got mine yet

Still not got mine yet…

Sorry replying to wrong thread

This is strange. I received the money, but no notification and then the money disappeared.

I know it was there because my funds were empty, then they weren’t, then they were again.

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Just got mine. Is it normal for them to deduct tax at source?

Hi and welcome to the forum, it is complex because the company is listed in London the dividend is in dollars as profits come from America so the American tax man takes his cut off the top.

I wonder if they have made an error my email says 30% tax deduction and I believe it should only be 15% due to U.K. us tax agreement.

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I just emailed them on this very issue. First time I have had a 30% reduction as have a W8-BEN submitted


Support confirmed it’s a mistake and are working to fix it !


Ah that explains it. Thanks