Diversified Energy Company Plc - DEC - Share chat

Any idea when we will get the dividend?!

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Normally takes circa 5-7 working days with FTrade.
Also we had a bank holiday as well this time.


Do I see the beginnings of a recovery in DECs share price?

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I hope so. I’m well off break even but I’d settle for 10 right now

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Down 6p at the moment at 978p BUT got an alert from Hargreaves earlier to say they were over 1015p!

New update

Nothing bad i can see. In fact looks rather good in reference to esg.
Probably just volatility

Past news

If you look around the site you will find somewhere to sign up for updates.

I hope we get the dividend today. Sure would be a nice way to end the week.


I messaged them yesterday asking how long bit i think today is 5 working days because of the double bank holiday

I have 2 more late dividends from the 28th and 29th. Dire really. Both have been paid by other brokers so I am told.
Also received a payment with no info attached? Probably a PID payment owed from 3 months ago. Annoying


Still no dividend, probably show up Monday…

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Looks like it’s arrived.

Which Monday!

Had dividend paid today in trading 212. Payment date today paid today. Would have also been in my bank account today if I had withdrawn earlier.

Just got paid :raised_hands:

Extract from Malcy’s (Malcolm Graham-Wood’s) Blog - This year’s Oil Industry 'Bucket List ’ update.

I was considering adding Union Jack Oil (UJO) to my portfolio (also on Malcy’s oil bucket list), but missed the bus today.
Anyone else got a view on UJO?

Diversified Energy Company
Diversified has proved that its model of production across the states which generates huge cash flow and margins of over 50% works and in addition to that has paid out significant dividends over the years and also buy-backs making it best in class for investor returns. Pretty much the leader in sustainability and with what I consider to be one the best managements in the industry, the company is now looking at further M&A options and with its US listing will more than likely see demand from investors in that market. DEC is the right company at the right time, as they say…

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Received my DIV dividend today into my Freetrade SIPP. Notified at 7.32 PM. Still await the Freetrade ISA one though.

been paid

Yes, you should have invested last week!!
Up 18.75% Friday. That would be painfull.
Looks like the listing on the mid OTC market was the catalyst. So no actual news relative to profits. So there could be a reversal until there is real news…or not!
The dividend is hardly worth writing home about, on the otherhand a big payout has hardly been beneficial to DEC.
The trailing PE ratio of 5 is hardly bubble territory.
Oil price expectations and prospects for the company itself are the deciding factors. Looks like a lot of research to me.

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Div came in today into my ISA. shame on timing, would have been nice to buy a few at the £8-9 range, now £10+… See what this week brings.

Forward yield still looking c10% and share price targets remain a lot higher than today’s price. It will be interesting to see how things pan out this year / next.

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Down 50% over 1 year. Not really warranted?
I have sold lots of shares in my general account nearly enough to meet my whole £20,000 ISA requirement.
First thoughts that come into my head (and most people’s) is what are my medium/long term investment ideas BUT a short term profit can easily result in the ability to buy more of your long term investments.
I may put more than I really want into DEC, DGI9 and possibly GRID.
All are (in my opinion) grossly overdone falls.

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