Diversified Energy Company Plc - DEC - Share chat

We are down over the year but at least we are going the right way. Here’s hoping for 11 before the end of the week.

Possible @Hyseb-21
And still not to late to add to in my opinion.
Checking the graph on freetrade 5 years ago it was on the equivalent of £25.

Profit after tax from continuing operations: 759.70 (620.60) (325.21) (23.47) 99.40
For the last 5 years with 759 million being last year. (From Hargreaves Lansdowne)
Note the losses are not necessarily real losses due to the way they have to account for hedging.

If they hedge at $10 and the price is $20 they have to give the counter party the extra $10 and that’s counted as a loss but they could still be profitable.
I suppose this is where cash comes into it.

Up again today very happy.

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Ignoring the dividend payment I am down 1%.
Share price up 25% over 1 month.
Hang on in there when we get a bit of profit taking.

Peel hunt analysts view on changes to DEC

Actual dividends for the next 3 years are 29cents per quarter.
At todays exchange rate and share price that equals 10%

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I’m gutted they dropped the dividend like most people here I suspect they all bought for the high dividend. Never mind, I am led to understand the futures prices for natural gas is on the rise again so we can expect DEC to do quite well there and generate some cash. If I was them I would maintain the regular albeit small buyback and concentrate on acquisitions or debt repayments. One thing is for sure I don’t want them borrowing any more money in fact I would like to see the debt dropping every year.


Not just the high dividend, but actually bought it
in very deep , all the times between 60p max 65 p, which represented almost a half of what it has peaked back than, just to see it dropping another half after that consolidation,which honestly i do not understand who benefited from , but definitely not us. And now the dividend thing. And if 12£ was this year’s peak in January , what should we really expect for October?

My losses are huge on this one and I expect I’m not the only one. It looks like the share is recovering though which can only be good news. I am confident the board won’t bankrupt the company so it’s just a matter of holding tight and waiting for the recovery. I may buy some more in this year can’t decide either way.

Same here, the biggest loss on any of my current holdings, but the dividend still meets my needs so I’m hanging on and adding to it now and then.

Lucky here bought it in the past sold at profit ONLY if you include the dividend.
Bought again recently almost in profit now.
If I held at the previous price i had owned it I would be in no hurry to sell now.
From it’s present share price I would assume a good share price upside.
The new dividend will be tempting specially to the Americans.

I must be a glutton for punishment just bought some more this morning :).
Oh well thank the lord for that dividend. Buyback is running stable at 3,750 debt reducing cash for acquisitions here’s hoping for a recovery soon.

I got some more yesterday to catch the latest ex dividend day, I will add more when the dividend pays too.