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That would be my assumption!

DEC was paid by T212 on the due date so I’d say likely not DECs fault.

Received the dividend over night so only a slight delay so not an issue for me.

Dividents cut more than 50% , share price at half price from when i bought them. And , when i bought them , they were at half price from from top performance. Definitely my worst investment by far. Any hopes , thoughts please?

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And BTW , Freetrade, FYI but 0.2283286p out of 10.64£ , is 2.15% and not 17% unless there is a different formula of calculating this dividents and i am mistaking it!!!

The dividend yield is the annual figure, and is also is backwards looking so you also need to take into account all quarterly payments (plus also account for the reverse split).

The figure you have calculated is a figure based on only 1 quarterly dividend.

I see , all 4 toghether. Mea culpa than!!!

An article from the oakbloke on the shorters

Another purchase of gas assets.
Using debt and shares to buy.

Always good to hear of expansion. Not sure I’m happy with issuing new shares and the debt is annoying but let’s see what happens (I thought that was the whole point of reducing the dividend?)

I don’t mind they way they are financing this deals as long as they are not over paying for the assets.

Happy days finally broke 12

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Come on guys 13 quid by the end of the day fingers crossed

With dividends included and some averaging down I am back in profit with this at current share price with hopefully plenty more upside.

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