Diversity within Freetrade

Can I ask about what Freetrade are doing to embrace diversity @sampoullain @adam @Viktor


I don’t know if there’s a specific reason you posted that article (it was a pretty dull read), but I noticed it fails to acknowledge what the typical problem is in creating McKinsey’s dream diverse team.

Personally, I think it stinks that we’re cloaking harsh realisms in terms like Diversity and Inclusion. Of course there’s no excusing torrid prejudice we’ve seen historically but that article isn’t solving issues anytime soon, particularly for a tech startup who is desperate to just fill all their vacancies.

and like, the three people you tagged all come from different cultural backgrounds so I’d say the embracement of diversity is fully backed, but let’s see…


I have to agree with @HarryButcher my understanding is that Freetrade is quite a diverse company. Anyone got any demographics of the organisation such as percentage of women, BME employed in the UK?

As the business expands outside the UK the workforce will become even more diverse as Ive no doubt this could bring opportunities for international exchanges of employment and ideas.

The future looks bright for :freetrade:


I only tagged them because of their positions within the company. I enjoyed the article so I shared it I am definitely not looking for any confrontation and or debate. I particularly liked this paragraph

“ Our 2019 analysis finds that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile—up from 21 percent in 2017 and 15 percent in 2014 (Exhibit 1).

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What is meant by “Diversity” ?

Imagine a Board made up of a Chinese, Indian, African and European.
If they all went to Eton, would that be very “diverse” ?

When used by SJWs “diversity” comes across as being divisive, if not racist.
It sounds like calls for Quotas based on external appearance.
Yet discrimination based on race or sex is illegal.

Sadly that McKinsey report leans in that direction.

Fortunately there are private sector training sessions on Diversity that highlight Cultural differences - and the benefits of attracting people from different backgrounds (regardless of race/sex etc)

Plenty of people have worked within a Corporate Culture that excludes rather than includes.
It may be that advancement goes to golf players, the after work drinking club or the football / rugby / cricket fans.

Aside from women feeling excluded, men can be overlooked too.

So a focus on Cultural diversity should have positive benefits for people from all sorts of backgrounds without being either illegal or divisive.


Don’t forget, there is some degree of “self-selection” when it comes to jobs and sex.

Look at the websites of many local solicitors and women are well represented.
(Not surprising as IIRC, more women choose law at University)

Also, Corporate Tax professionals seems be majority female.

If the companies with those statistics are doing well, might it be because they invite a broader range of Cultures ?


Very good points :+1: I find it can be a counter productive discussion sometimes as it only goes one way some would argue and that is a bad way :joy:

Some firms in London for example could be accused of being too diverse and not representing the % white people in the UK whilst a firm in Cornwall most likely will be the opposite. Does that make either firm not diverse or too diverse? No.

Sadly it has become a political football where you are either “woke” or “racist” and the VAST majority are not either. Surely we should be in a world where the best person for the role gets the job? If, as Google feel, that means 40% Asian then so be it, they shouldn’t reduce to match the % Asians in the country. Same goes for any race, gender etc.

Too many labels being thrown around today that just divide a nation that wasn’t that divided.


I don’t know why everyone is so triggered about this post, there is nothing controversial about it. Thanks @Babyiamback for sharing the article, I enjoyed reading it. Seems like a suggestion that a part of one’s investment strategy should be assessing how diverse a company is, as that may impact returns.


Not sure what or who was triggered :joy: this is a Trump Jr comment he uses to divide people which is never great. This is exactly my point, someone makes a point in response and then it is knocked down as “everyone is so triggered” or “controversial” and ends in a bad way as I said.

It shouldn’t be an important thing unless a company is discriminating. I would invest heavily in say Samsung but should I not as it isn’t diverse?

As long as companies have equal opportunities then surely that is enough? Anyhow people only said the story wasn’t great and then that FT was quite diverse so really wasn’t exactly controversial. :joy: And there was NOTHING wrong with the original post being made at all but debate is healthy if civil :+1:

But as an answer the FT site says the below

Our people are creating a strong culture

Freetrade brings together people with diverse skills and backgrounds, ranging from leading financial services companies to Big Tech to more. Together we are focused on building an open and transparent stockbroker you can trust.

Openness and transparency is in our DNA and applies to all aspects of our company. We encourage an open and inclusive environment and pride ourselves on being candid, curious, focused, humble and gritty.

Our headquarters are based in London and we’re hiring.

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I used “triggered” because OP posted to a completely sensible, not controversial post at all, and suddenly words such as “woke”, “SJW”, “prejudice”, “divisive”, “racist”, “self-selection”, were being used, and in general the tone became defensive. And you’ve made my point with your response, so I don’t have much else to say :slight_smile:


I would liked for them to also say “and we are committed to diversity and having a diverse workforce. I don’t understand why people seem to get upset with the word “diverse”ie; LGBT,Non-Binary,Pre-Op whatever Black,Asian,I could go on and on if I knew more.


Nothing wrong with encouraging diversity at all!!! My point is/was some companies are not diverse and shouldn’t be penalised in reputation. This could be due to staff available in area or many other reasons. :+1:

Anyhow FT seem pretty diverse and on the job applications I remember reading the below which seems to cover what you wanted. :+1:

We are an Equal Opportunity employer committed to a diverse and representative team. Whatever your race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability - we want to hear from you. We’re very open about what we’re working on, and the best places to learn more are our buzzing community forum and our blog.

Edit - they just didn’t want me :joy:


It would be diverse but not “very diverse” it would be “very diverse” if some came from other establishments

Yes I am “triggered” when I hear the word “diversity”…
…because all too often, the loudest voices frame “diversity” around skin-colour.
To many people that is “divisive” - by shoe-horning individuals into imagined “communities” - where all members have the same experiences and outlook.

Surely genuine diversity will be around culture and background ?

Far from being “defensive”, I would go on the offensive against division - and potentially racism - if it was apparent.

So with no reason to believe ill of the OP,
** I opened with the Question**:
What is meant by “diversity”?

I went on to explain how “diversity” can be positive - if approached by being colour blind and looking at “culture”.

When SJ Warriors stop pushing race-based “diversity” (which the activists do) then there will be no reason to be either defensive or offensive.

Hopefully civilised discussion can be had - nuance and all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You say that you:
"don’t understand why people seem to get upset with the word “diverse".
The explanation is because of the interpretation in your “i.e.”.
“ie; LGBT,Non-Binary,Pre-Op whatever Black,Asian,”

These are “identities”.
Such Identities are not conclusive around culture and background.
Identities make the patronising - and likely erroneous - assumption that everyone who fits one identity has the same experiences and outlook.

One reason to be “upset” is that “identities” are the opposite of respecting the individual.

I am very sorry,Tarian I am not intelligent enough to understand what you are explaining. Have a nice day :+1::grinning:


The only time I get triggered on diversity is when Freetrade wastes 10 mins of an AMA focused on EU Expansion to discuss it.

Like every tech company they struggle to get female devs, but otherwise they are hiring more women. Lots of nationalities. No company is perfect, blah blah blah.

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I asked that question in the AMA.

Sorry I asked it at the wrong time (I wasn’t aware the AMA was supposed to focus on EU expansion) but I still think it’s an important thing to discuss and it was good to hear the teams response, and particularly good to hear that they were willing to spend the time to respond to the community in that way.